Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Group Seeks to Ban Plastic Bags in Duluth, MN

Your Mission is STUPID.

Ahhhh!  Another "feel good" movement is afoot.  This time it's 'Bag It, Duluth - For the Love of Place' is fighting the vile, evil plastic bag.

I have one and only one question for 'Do-Gooders With A Cause' people who are a part of this group:

Did you use DISPOSABLE DIAPERS with your children or did your parents use them on you when you were an infant ?????  YES or NO? 

Answer the question. If you did, and you now seek to ban or place a fee on plastic bag, you are a hypocrite.

How long does it take the diaper wrapped around little precious' ass to biodegrade?

Some say between 200-500 years. 

 "500 years..which mean your poop from when you were a baby is still in the landfills!"
....classic data say everywhere from two hundred to 500 years.
Other Sites state plastic bags take between ten and 100 years to decompose.
Plain plastic bag asks Duluth, "What have I done to deserve this?"

A study from 2009 found: 
... that plastic breaks down at cooler temperatures than expected, and within a year of the trash hitting the water. 
 From the Orange County Register from 2014: 
...a comprehensive analysis recently undertaken by Reason Foundation, which looked at the impact of plastic bag bans on the environment, found these claims don’t stand up to scrutiny. Indeed, the ban is likely to do more harm than good both to the environment and to people’s pocketbooks.
Banning them has practically no impact on the amount of litter generated, the amount Californians pay for waste disposal, or the risk of flooding. In fact, when plastic bags were banned in San Francisco, the county’s own studies showed that litter actually increased. 
Forget the research.  Deny the studies showing banning plastic bags increased litter. Forget about the facts.  Why...You're On A Mission! 

These groups of do-gooders - who do no good at all except increase their own self-esteem - feel like they are "Really contributing to [insert valiant cause here]", are really mis-focused.

Don't bother to work for something really significant, like, say, Japan and the Fukushima nuke meltdown which STILL IS DUMPING GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MANY GALLONS OF RADIOACTIVE WATER INTO THE OCEAN.

Grab a mop and a bucket.  Head over to Japan.  Start cleaning up.  Bring some Pine-Sol with you and get to work.

Cigarettes are evil. Cigars are evil. Sugar is evil. Trans-fat is evil. Alcohol is evil. Anything not grown organically is evil. GMO is evil. Gluten is evil. Soy is evil (okay, soy is least for men...I'll even admit to that). Tanning is evil. Styrofoam is evil. BPA's are evil. Butter is evil. Meat is evil. Gambling is evil. Dairy is evil. Enjoying life and having guessed it...evil.

It's no different from the one person who rides their bicycle to work every day, not for the exercise -- and they will tell you this -- but to help save the earth by not using fossil fuels.  There isn't one item in your house, condo, apartment or garage that did not get there which, at some point, didn't use fossil fuel in one form or another.

The 'Ban The Plastic Baggers' will continue on their mighty mission to make a statement (to who, why and for what - I don't know) and to give themselves some unmeasurable quality of quantifying their existence.

If these folks really cared - - - they'd book the next flight to Fukushima and get busy.

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