Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Oh noez! Europe is having a Wind Drought. So much for turbine power.

Green Matters: European Wind Turbines at a Standstill Amid an Ongoing "Wind Drought".

But as of recently, barely even a breeze has made its way through the through the winter air.
"Britain is in the middle of a wind drought — and the timing couldn't have been worse. For several days now, the U.K. and western Europe have been calm, with barely a breeze," Thomas Moore writes for Sky News.

"It is not until Wednesday, or even Thursday, that speeds pick up in Scotland and the North Sea, where most of our wind farms are. That shows in the mix of energy being used in the freezing conditions."

"The risks could increase with global warming," [🤣 - DD] he continues. "Scientists working for the United Nations' intergovernmental panel on climate change have looked at what could happen to wind speeds in future. Even if the world reaches net zero soon after 2050, limiting the rise in temperature, winds will weaken significantly in the northern hemisphere." ["Even if." FFS. Retardicus Maximus. - DD]
According to Yale Environment 360, the phrase "wind drought" is exactly what it sounds like — it refers to an extended period of time that an area lacks wind, or experiences slower-than-usual wind speeds. In 2021, wind speeds were 15 percent slower than in previous years, making for one of the least windy periods in the U.K. in nearly 60 years.

What are "usual wind speeds"?

Git yer fans out folks, them turbhans ain't gonna spin themselves!

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