Thursday, December 15, 2022

What's really going on?

It's a long but worthwhile read:

Tierney's Real News, Substack: What the heck is really going on? This explains it all.

The problems we face now as a country are directly tied to the actions of Bush and Obama. First, the Bush administration monitored the communication of American citizens; and, secondly, Obama’s team fine-tuned and used that system against their political opponents and American citizens - and finally Trump and MAGA.
The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (sometimes referred to as the Intelligence Committee or SSCI) is dedicated to overseeing the United States Intelligence Community[.]
The Committee is "select" in that membership is temporary and rotated among members of the chamber. The committee comprises 15 members.
Republicans were in control of the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) in 2015 when the Intelligence Branch operation to TAKE DOWN candidate Donald Trump was underway.
BANNON: “I'm not a fan of Elon Musk. He's too dependent on the CCP.["]
DeSantis has hired his own team of influencers who have been working behind the scenes for a year to destroy President Trump. Not kidding. This has all been confirmed.
AND no incumbent president has EVER gained votes over his first election and lost. PERIOD.


Excerpts don't do justice to story. Hit the link, read it all. 

The Dems didn't want Trump to win again in 2020 and the RINOs didn't want him in 2015/16. Trump was, and remains, a threat to the UniParty.

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