Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Did you watch Tulsi Gabbard subbing for Tucker tonight?

What a self-righteous bitch. Tulsi dug into newly elected Republican George Santos (R-NY) for, I guess, lies he told prior to his election. Shocker! A politician, of either party, lied? This must be the first time.

Tulsi interrupted him, cut him off verbally and her pious and holier than thou demeanor was vomit inducing.

She's a lifelong Democrat, served eight years as a House Rep and just like that, in 2022 changed her political identification to, "Independent." Funny, we never heard a peep from her about the lies told by her fellow Dems during her House tenure nor did she hold them to the same standard she applied to Santos.

She served a four-year term as a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.

She endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016.

She's for legalization of all drugs. Great! We don't have enough OD's happening on a daily basis and there's all sorts of room available at ERs and tons of available money to deal with this problem.

Her first marriage lasted only four years. No surprise here for me.

Many stories appear of her being a member of Klaus Schwab's (Young Global Leaders) Word Economic Forum. She denies this, yet, there's no proof she wasn't.

None of this excuses Santos' embellishment of his past. What it does is it shines a bright light on Tulsi's blatant hypocrisy.

Oh look! Tulsi making one of the NWO hand gestures. No one who does this does it accidentally. She's a two-faced cunt.

I think she's a complete fake. What's her angle?

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