Monday, December 12, 2022

Magnet Fishing for guns!

Outdoor Life: As Magnet Fishing Booms, More Guns Are Being Pulled from America’s Waters. Can Magnet Fishers Legally Keep Them?

The answer is more complicated than you might expect.

(Bryce Nachtwey, 21, seems to come across a gun in almost every one of his popular magnet fishing videos.)[Caption under image at story link]
North Dakota criminal defense attorney David Dusek considers this conundrum a question of moral obligation versus legal obligation. Is there a legal obligation to turn a gun in? Not necessarily. Nachtwey’s morals tell him it’s the right thing to do, but as Dusek says, “you can’t legislate morality.”

“If I find a gun, I’m taking it to the police to find out if it’s a part of a crime,” Dusek tells Outdoor Life. “But if someone finds a gun, cleans it up, and doesn’t turn it in, is that legal? Probably. You don’t have to call it into police. You found it.”
What to Do If You Find a Gun While Magnet Fishing.

I dunno about you, but over my life, I've found so many stray, discarded handguns and rifles while fishing, hunting, the frozen section at the supermarket - heck, just walking around the block! They're everywhere. I adopt and keep them. I call them "rescue firearms." Sadly, I lost all of them in a tragic kayaking accident years ago.

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"Zack" said...

HEH! I dunno what I would do. I'm guessing some of the gunmetal would be pretty gnarly from corrosion. Wood stocks would likely be trashed.

Dunno what the cops in this area would do If I tried to turn one in; they seem to be rather weird about such things; probably accuse me of a heinous crime that occurred 50-years before I was born.

Meh. Unless it was in cherry condition I'd toss it back in the drink.

Drake's Place said...

Zach, "accuse me of of a heinous crime that occurred 50-years before I was born."

Depending on the condition, same here. A gun found magnet fishing could look good after being cleaned up and all, but is the integrity of the metal safe? Maybe have a smith take a look at it. I wouldn't be bringing it to the local PD, for sure.

Fun story to read.

Have a good one!