Saturday, December 10, 2022

KJP: Total Cunt.

It is rare that I used the "C" word, but when I do, it's always fitting and appropriate. If this offends you, that's why the "Sensitive Content" warning page is enabled. Shake it off, or - stop visiting this blog. It's that simple.

She hates Simon Ateba because he asks tough questions that flummox her.

The disruptive founder of an African news site has accused White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of 'discrimination' after repeatedly clashing with her in the briefing room.

Simon Ateba, who runs the website Today News Africa, leveled the claim after a visibly frustrated Jean-Pierre walked out of Thursday's daily briefing as he talked over her with questions about next week's US-Africa summit.

Ateba has repeatedly sparred with Jean-Pierre and her predecessor Jen Psaki, accusing them of ignoring reporters in the 'back of the room' -- a motley crew representing smaller news outlets without assigned seats at briefings.

"Disruptive AFRICAN journalist." WTF?!? We all have to remember that it's acceptable now to describe impolite and sparring behavior of POCs as, "Disruptive AFRICAN," because the Daily Mail says it's okay. Nice case of racism and bigotry on the part of Daily Mail. One of the odious headlines I've ever read.

"Disruptive"? "Sparred"? No. He's doing the job that journalists used to do; asking tough questions. Other than Peter Doocy, Mr. Ateba is the only one in the WH Press Corps with guts.
Mr. Ateba has to talk over her because she really never answers his questions. She'll give some BS reply to him, he recognizes it as pure BS, calls her out on it and she gets all uppity and cunty.
Can't fathom the copious amounts of ridicule that would be pouring out of the MSM's pie-holes if any White House Press Secretary under a Republican Administration behaved in such a childish, entitled, sanctimonious way.
A Poodle could do this "Disruptive and Sparring African WH Press Secretary's" job far better.
KJP, she's like, Sooooooooooo Noble! she Obsolute?


Jess said...

Affirmative Action has brought the best it can offer to the White House.

Drake's Place said...

Jess, She is so unqualified.

Did you see all the tabs in her cheat sheet book at the .57 - .59 second mark? FFS...she can't answer JACK without referring to her notes. More pages to that than in an old NYC and LA telephone book combined.

Her attitude towards Ateba...she'd be fired for that in the private sector.

Thanks for dropping a comment!

Drake's Place said...

^^^^^^^ CORRECTION: The .49 - .50 second mark of the video ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Cederq said...

See! Now you are being racist and timeist by your incorrect reporting of when stuff happens! You are as bad as the POC(rap) that had the cookbook in front of her/him/it and stormed out in a bulldykish temper tantrum.

Drake's Place said...

Cederq, I'm using the vernacular "time fluid" theory.

I could threaten you with Comment Detention. You're lucky I'm a benevolent Blog Host.🤣

Cederq said...

I am forever thankful you are a benevolent blog host... forgive me oh, grand Poohba?