Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lard Lad Fat Bastard Michael Moore Needs Ten People

The Fat Bastard, Michael Moore, says he will join a million other people in surrounding the U.S. Capitol in protesting President Donald Trump's Supreme Court selection. The Washington Examiner
...Moore said on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO Friday, “I'll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol."  Moore was on the show to promote his upcoming anti-Trump movie, Fahrenheit 11/9.
Well, since Tubby is grotesquely obese enough to represent 999,990 individuals, there only need be ten more people joining him to total one million people.

And oh - gee - he appeared on "Real Time" to promote his upcoming movie "Fahrenheit 11/9".

Is this giant, lard filled Rubber so bereft of creativity he has to continually rip-off the partial title of the classic 1953 Ray Bradbury novel and the iconic 1966 film of the same name?

Can this Fat Fcuk do one, single act of altruism...maybe paying $ 2,251 on behalf of an orphan who is being sued by the Social Security Admin?

$2, 251 must be one-tenth of what The Fat Bastard spends daily on M&M's.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm sure the Fat Bastard's colossal obesity is glaaaaaaandular and not metabolic syndrome.

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