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World News - July 18, 2018

Mmmm...yum What could possibly go wrong? Lab-grown meat. CBS News:
A Dutch company that presented the world's first lab-grown beef burger five years ago said Tuesday it has received funding to pursue its plans to make and sell artificially grown meat to restaurants from 2021.
Environmentalists have warned that the world's growing appetite for meat [isn't sustainable].
Another hyperbolic, environmentalist "alarm." See the entry "Carnivore Free Menu" on yesterday's post.
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Dr Bumbum is on the run.  BBC
A celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon known as Dr Bumbum has gone on the run after a woman died following injections he gave her to enlarge her bottom.
Lilian Calixto [fell ill during the procedure] to undergo buttock enhancement by Dr [Denis] Furtado (aka Bumbum) on Saturday evening, reports said. 
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Euro NewsOur ancestors liked carbs:
Plaque preserved on the teeth of people dead for centuries can be used to reveal what their favorite foods were, an international team of researchers found. This dental calculus shows a diet heavy on carbohydrates[.]
Wouldn't this study, then, also reflect our ancestors didn't brush and floss as often as they should have?
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The New Zealand HeraldLast words of an executed man:
As the lethal injection of the sedative pentobarbital began to take effect, Christopher Young swore twice, he said he could taste it, and it was burning, ABC Eyewitness news reports.

"I taste it in my throat," he said[.]
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The New Zealand HeraldLottery win brings division within family:
During the cheque presentation, [lottery winner Ms Barbara Reddick] unleashed a shocking attack on her nephew, telling reporters he "didn't deserve" the cash.

"See you in court," the CBC network reported the woman as saying at the event.
 "I put his name on the ticket for good luck because he's like a son to me — he was. He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars."

Ms Reddick said she was "heartbroken" by the feud.

"He's dead to me," she said.
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New snake species discovered immediately declared in danger of extinctionThe Independent:
Scientists have stumbled upon a previously undiscovered species of venomous snake, but warned it could already be at risk of extinction.

The new subspecies of bandy-bandy, a family of burrowing snakes endemic to Australia, was found by chance by biologists from the University of Queensland, who have quickly applied for it to be given protected status.
When the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, and it will, keep in mind that all snakes are edible. Survival Mastery (including directions how to clean and cook snake. Hey, you'll be thanking me for this during the ZApocalypse): 
The health benefits provided from snake meat far outweighs those of red meats and the good news is that they’re nearly all edible.
Even after decapitation, the head is able to see and sense you and will lash out and bite if you get too close. It can take well over an hour for the snake to die fully.

Some people report being bitten by a decapitated head several hours after killing the snake. They’re still every bit as deadly as well. 
The Zombie Apocalypse. Eat snakes.
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Just how do people think a blast of pepper spray would take out armed attackers?
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Trend NewsOil prices rebound.
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The Independent: Facebook 'leaves graphic content online in order to make money.'
An undercover investigation found that while nudity is almost always removed, violent videos involving assaults on children, racially charged hate speech and images of self-harm by children all remained on Facebook after being reported by users and reviewed by moderators.
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Gulf News#Talk to a Muslim stirring up a storm:
Hashtag #TalkToAMuslim is kicking up a storm in India[.]
Thousands of Indian tweeps have taken to the social media platform to highlight the seemingly growing anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.

The trend seems to have kicked off after writer Zainab Sikander (@zainabsikander) tweeted: “I’m An Indian Muslim. I’m Human too. You can talk to me. #TalkToAMuslim.”
Non-Muslims also joined the tirade against communal violence in India and in support of the minority Muslim community.

@ektaa_malik posted: I’m a Hindu. I talk to Muslims... they are humans.
Image: Twitter
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The Independent - Virgin Media apologizes for letters addressed to "pants-wearer."
Virgin Media has apologised "to anyone offended" by an ad campaign which saw letters addressed to the "pants wearer" rather than householder.
It doesn't take much to offend people these days.
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The picture Cluck Schumer DOESN'T want you to see! Horn News
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is leading the media’s angry attacks on President Donald Trump over his comments Monday in Helsinki.

But there’s one photo circulating the internet that Schumer doesn’t want getting out.
The image shows Schumer cozy and smiling with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in 2009 over coffee and donuts[.]
Cluck and Vlad, donuts and coffee.
See - it's different because it's Schumer and Putin.

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