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World News - July 5, 2018

Some fun Independence day facts. Voice of America - Crunching Numbers of the 4th of July
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Sky NewsMeet the British divers who found the Thai football team trapped in the cave.
Rick Stanton and John Volanthen were the first rescuers to reach the group of young footballers and their coach[.]
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(At publishing time) British couple critically ill, exposed to Novichok nerve agent. Xinhua Net:
A British couple critically ill in hospital have been poisoned by the same nerve agent used in the recent attack on a former Russian agent and his daughter[.]
Britain's most senior counter-terrorism cop [confirmed] that a couple from Wiltshire have been exposed to the nerve agent Novichok, and are both critically ill in hospital.
More: Dawn Sturgess, 44, and her partner Charlie Rowley, 45 fighting for their lives. The Express:
It is not thought the couple had links to Russia.
More: The Express: Timeline of key events in the Novichok poisonings.

More: RT NewsTwitter awash in conspiracy theories:
What is claimed to be a new case of Novichok poisoning of an unsuspecting British couple has made Twitter explode, with users finding links between the incident and the World Cup, Brexit, and even alleging it was an inside job.
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The EU Copyright Issue:

(At publishing time) Here comes the vote on the EU's controversial copyright law. BBC:
The two most controversial parts of it are Article 11 and Article 13.
The first of these is...called the "link tax."
Article 13 puts more onus on websites to enforce copyright laws and could mean that any online platform that allows users to post text, images, sounds or code will need a way to assess and filter content.
More: The RegisterPrivacy group raises eyebrows at EU copyright reform.
... the idea of getting web giants to proactively stop copyrighted material from appearing online is a good one in theory, but in practice is fraught with danger.
More: CityAMWill the EU copyright reform break the internet?  (Internet inventor Albert Gore, Jr. will be able to fix it!)

More: CityAM: Paul McCartney pro EU copyright reform.

More: Billboard: Is this the expected outcome of the vote?

More: Crooked Timber: When copyright goes wrong.

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(Is she setting the stage for the "big world event" to crash the global economy? Is she the Illuminati's messenger of bad news?)
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Jaguar Land Rover have Brexit fears. Daily Mail:
A hard Brexit would cost Jaguar Land Rover £1.2billion a year curtailing its future operations in the UK, the British carmaker's chief executive warned yesterday.
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The Epoch Times - Stress tests for Canadian mortgages:
The new rules mandate that borrowers must qualify for interest rates 2 percent higher than the rate of the mortgage they apply for.
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BBCKim Dotcom loses appeal against extradition:
New Zealand's Court of Appeal upheld the decision that Mr Dotcom and three others can be extradited to stand trial for copyright infringement and fraud.

The charges are related to Mr Dotcom's now defunct fire-sharing website Megaupload, which allowed millions of people to download digital content.
It is now up to New Zealand's Justice Minister Andrew Little to decide whether extradition should take place.
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SMH: Sydney, a 24 hour city.
Round-the-clock public transport, less red tape for businesses, and a shift in the popular narrative that the city shuts down at night, are among the priorities identified by the City of Sydney's nightlife and creative sector advisory panel.
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The ExpressChina asks EU to join-up against the U.S. on trade and tariffs:
A European diplomat said: “China wants the European Union to stand with Beijing against Washington, to take sides.

“We won’t do it and we have told them that.”
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Trade War "D-Day" for Trump. The New Zealand Herald:
The first round of US tariffs - on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods - comes into effect on Friday night (NZT) and with it fears that we'll see the start of a full blown trade war.
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Is the Answer buying commodities? Live Mint:
...Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has poured cold water on the notion that a trade war between the US and China represents a serious threat to raw materials, saying most of them aren’t likely to be significantly impacted[.]
[The] trade war impact on commodity markets will be very small, with exception of soybeans[.]
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Dealers arrested; had two tons of gold coins.  Trend News:
Iranian police arrested two gold coin dealers in Tehran, saying that the arrested people were responsible for gold coin price stagnation in the market.
...police have seized 20 kilograms of gold coin and gold from [them].
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I hope this doesn't increase bacon prices. From The Hill - Tariffs will devastate US pork producers:
...some major U.S. pork producers fear they will lose a significant amount of money once China and Mexico implement the tariffs, forcing some to move their investments overseas.

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