Monday, July 16, 2018

Tech News

The police pull you over, go on a fishing expedition, allegedly find some controlled substance and, later, because you can't remember the passwords to your recently purchased cell phones the judge sentences you for contempt of court.  (WTF?) TechDirt:
The police have a warrant and claim that's all they need to demand access to the phones' contents. But that's predicated on a string of events that seem constitutionally-dubious, to say the least.
As it stands now, [suspect William] Montanez is going to spend six months in jail for preventing police from rooting around in seized cellphones for evidence they don't need and which would likely be highly irrelevant to these criminal proceedings. The police can't show probable cause for this search because none exists. And yet, the judge trying the case demanded Montanez unlock the phones in court and when he failed to do so (Montanez claimed he could not remember the passcodes), the judge tossed him in jail to, I guess, jog his memory.

This case stinks all over.
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Is your DVR a Dahua? If so, your password and/or security may have been compromised. Bleeping Computer:
Login passwords for tens of thousands of Dahua devices have been cached inside search results returned by ZoomEye [...] these passwords are for Dahua DVRs running very old firmware that is vulnerable to a five-year-old vulnerability
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Wonderful articleWhy Politicians always get tech wrong.  ZD Net: is one of the biggest drivers of change in society, because it underpins almost everything we do. It's one of the biggest sources both of threats and opportunities.
We need to vote tech-challenged politicians out of office. The future depends on it.
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A lot of businesses failing to detect malware, phishing domains and rogue imitation sites. Info Security:
Of the Alexa top 10,000 domains, 3390 were running one potentially vulnerable web component; 1,036,657 potentially vulnerable web components were found overall.
“Some of the cryptomining scripts we found have been active for over 160 days, suggesting that organizations are failing to detect them”[.]
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MotherboardAI-assisted entertainment:
...this new type of fake [adult entertainment] shows that we're on the verge of living in a world where it's trivially easy to fabricate believable videos of people doing and saying things they never did.
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The DriveNissan's GT-R will be the fastest sports car in the world.

The Nissa GT-R, fastest ever.

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Tech XPlore - You're movie preferences analyzed so to better market to you In other words, tech enables Hollywood with a new tool designed to get more of your money. 
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BGR - New, 50-inch 4k TV for $399.99.
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Gadgets Now - The world should fear sex-bots and not AI.
Today, it seems impossible that even the most high-tech AI can create a robotic substitute for human relationships. Yet robots could play a supplementary role.
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France, an up-and-coming tech giant.  TechCrunch:
France has now graduated from “asteroid” to “planet,” and is well on its way to “gas giant.”
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Ars Technia: Chrome. Redesigned. (Yes...again.)
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Technocracy: "Anonymous" can be ID'ed on Twitter with over 97% accuracy.  (I bet it was a tech-savvy politician, U.S. no doubt, who discovered this.)

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Wccftech - Gamer or not...this chair looks really comfortable.


BB-Idaho said...

A note about the convenience of the new McDonalds ordering kiosks.
Corporate has spent $24 million installing these. They lost this customer. A couple times a week I grab the newspaper and head over
to their place for an eat in breakfast and read. Usually get the same thing: big breakfast, no pancakes, small coffee, two sugars,
two creams. That takes about 5.6 seconds to order. I was directed to the kiosk and even with assistance, it took about 6 minutes.
"Wasn't that easy?". We aged complain. No one listens. That's
why mine is called the 'Silent Generation'. :)

David Drake said...

Automation has its tech issues, no doubt.

I'm always the guy standing in line, anywhere, where all other lines move quicker than the one I'm in. And of course, if I move to a different line, and watch the line I just left - then THAT line starts moving faster than the one I've moved to. Happens every time. I''ve learned to live with it. Not happily, but take it with a lot less angst than I used to.

No McD's with automation in my area - yet. I am interested to try them out when they're installed.

Lately, with my cell phone, when checking on voicemails, I click the voice response and say "Call email." I am replied to with, "Did you say qui chon donk."???? WTF is that? Did it multiple times. Same fucking thing, "did you say quin chong donk" or some ridiculous phrase like that. Then I start speaking profanities and it tells me it "doesn't understand". Yeah - I suppose it doesn't.

Ya gotta love tech. It's either designed darn well or for shit. Sadly, too much is for shit. MS-10 anyone? :)