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World News - July 17, 2018

He appears to have a lot of practice sucking co... eating snow-cones.

Former US president Barack Obama has arrived in Kenya for a lower-profile visit than the ones he made to the country as senator and president, still he is making headlines and meeting leaders.
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GlobalNews.caThai cave rescuer called ‘pedo-guy’ by Elon Musk suggests he might take legal action. 
The British cave diver publicly called a “pedo” by tech billionaire Elon Musk is considering taking legal action against the Tesla CEO.
Musk gave no evidence for alleging [rescuer] Unsworth was a pedophile. Unsworth said he would consider taking legal action against Musk over the remarks[.]
I like, and have a lot of respect for, Musk, and I think we need to listen to what he says about AI and its potential to be used for harm. But his pedo comment is his ego leaping ahead of his intellect. C'mon Elon, you know better.
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Dying RINO John McCain still bitter he's not the president and that he still hates President Donald TrumpAZ Central:
McCain's issued statement was among a number of Republican lawmakers who were condemning Trump's appearance in Helsinki, Finland.
McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a frequent Trump critic, said in a statement that "no prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant."
Yeah, well, fuck you John. I'll take "Word Phrases That We'll Never Hear For $500:" The Answer is: President John McCain. "What are words that John McCain will go to his death never hearing?" I am correct.
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GNewt GNingrich (who, IMO has never been able to decide what side of an issue he is on or for what length of time) and Lindsay Grahamcrackhead had apoplectical hissy-fits over Trump's words at the Trump-Putin Summit. BBC:
President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected—-immediately.
— Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) July 16, 2018

Senator Lindsey Graham...called the summit a "missed opportunity", a "bad day for the US" that will be sign of weakness to Russia."
Yeah, fuck these two dinosaurs. Both are irrelevant and long ago obsolete. And Lindsay...well, when one thinks of a "Strong America", the first person that pops into my mind is Lindsay. He's got that Bruce Willis/Charles Bronson/Clint Eastwood aura working for him. Am I wrong?
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France24The EU continues enabling Iran:
... the (European) Council has endorsed the update of the blocking statute annex on the nuclear deal with Iran[.]
The "blocking statute" forbids EU firms from complying with US sanctions, allowing them to recover damages from such penalties and nullifying any foreign court rulings against them.
And when Iran chomps the ass of any part of the EU...gee, I wonder who the EU will go whining to for protection and assistance?
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Google engineer was beaten to death . Deutsche Welle:
A 32-year-old Google engineer was beaten to death and three others were severely injured... on Friday in the latest incident of mob violence fueled by fake social media messages.
Since May, at least 25 people have become victims of vigilante justice triggered by fake warnings of kidnappers or organ harvesters circulated on the Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp.
Maybe Elon Musk has a plan to solve this problem.
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The ever-competent IMF says trade tensions could pose risks to global economic growth. Italy News Net:
'But the risk that current trade tensions escalate further - with adverse effects on confidence, asset prices, and investment - is the greatest near-term threat to global growth,' IMF Chief Economist Maurice Obstfeld said.
And then again, maybe not. I love it when organizations like the IMF, or the World Bank, or the UN put out generalized statements that have as much value as saying, "you know, gambling in Las Vegas could harm you financially." Wow, would anyone think of this shit if it weren't for the IMF, WB or UN? And of course...the EU.
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New Zealand HeraldVaping airline pilot causes plane to plunge 10,000 feet:
Air China Boeing 737 aircraft was flying to the Chinese city of Dalian from Hong Kong when it went down to 10,000 feet (3048m), with oxygen masks deployed.
"In the preliminary investigation, the co-pilot was found to be smoking an e-cigarette," state-owned China News said[.] 
See, in the U.S. we go and pay good money at amusement parks in order to experience the same kind of thing. With Air China you get two-for-one; one from Corrumn A and one from Corrumn B. It's a Win-Win!

Image: CBC
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China cozies up to, and wants to be BFF with EU. Xinhua Net:
Chinese President Xi Jinping said], "China stands ready to work with the EU on the basis of mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation, to make still further progress in the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and promote bilateral economic and social development and people's welfare.
No doubt China and the EU will get along...fabulously.
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Coming soon - Carnivore Free Menu? The Politicalization of Food. Globe and Mail:
Plant-based choices will be strongly encouraged and eating more animal proteins will be frowned upon. Switzerland just released a new food guide that encourages consumers to reduce their meat consumption by 70 per cent. It’s happening everywhere.

"When they take the bacon from my cold, dead hands."

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All the little critters living in your house. CBC:
... a team of entomologists spends a week delving into the dark crevices of a typical Toronto house, finding a whopping 112 distinct species. But they say that's no cause for concern; an insect census taken in homes all over the United States revealed that number is about average.
Well, there are worse things, I guess, that could be living in our homes.  (Fast-forward to the 2:30 time mark).
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NDTV -  Striking workers put dent in Amazon's Prime Day Shopping Bonanza
Nearly 1,800 Amazon workers in Spain went on strike Monday during Prime Day, the company's biggest sales day of the year, according to labor activitists [sic]. Thousands more Amazon employees in Germany are expected to walk off the job Tuesday, the second day of the 36-hour sale, for similar reasons. 
CNBCAmazon's Jeff Bezos wealthiest man in modern history.
According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos’ fortune just crossed the $150 billion mark. That’s $55 billion richer than Bill Gates, at number two.
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Property owned by Pervez Musharraf seized. News Internationalist Pakistan:
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has decided to seize [five luxury properties held] by General (retd) Pervez Musharraf after he failed to appear before the anti-corruption watchdog over allegations of Rs1,000 billion corruption and owning assets beyond means.
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TesFa News - it's a love fest now: Eritrean Embassy in Ethiopia Reopened:
“I feel boundless joy as I convey to you the message of peace, love and good wishes of the people of Eritrea. And, I congratulate you warmly for the successful and historic changes that you have brought about,” President Isaias said at a concert celebrating the peace process at the Millenial Hall in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.
One. More. Time.
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The Week - Donald Trump's Weird Eating Habits:
The president’s diet has been ridiculed as childish and unhealthy. Here is what he eats and some of the weird ways he does it. He normally doesn’t eat breakfast.
OMG - what a heathen. He skips breakfast. (GAAAAASSSSP!) He must be the only one.  Why, I bet Trump wasn't even born in the United States.

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