Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A Public Service Announcement to The Anti-Smoking Nazis: Stay away from fireworks!

First, this post pertains to the obnoxious, Anti-Smoking Nazi Little Eichmanns. Not the conscientious, polite non-smokers who nicely request no smoking in their home, car or around them. I have no problem with those folks. And yeah, I smoke. Not much. A pack of cigs lasts me about a week. I had quit, but not having a cig with morning coffee is blasphemy, so I started again. And one or two in the evening. That's the extent of my smoking.

This post is directed at the virulent, jack-booted, goose-stepping Anti-Smoking thugs.

And you know what? For once, I am in full agreement with the Anti-Smoking Nazis. Yep. I've gone fully "Left" on this issue. And I apologize, and deeply regret referring, to this wonderful group of concerned citizens as Anti-Smoking Nazi Little Eichmanns. They only care about us. I didn't realize it at the time. May the ASNLE's forgive me and how I treated them in the past. You were and are right. I was wrong. Way, way wrong. Wronger than wrong can be.

I agree wholly, fully and completely with the Anti-Smoking Nazis that there is simply no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke. None. Not one single mini-micro-particle of any type of second-hand smoke can ever be considered acceptable or safe.

So please, my newly found comrades, for the sake of your health and for the  lives of the children, DO NOT attend any 4th of July fireworks displays.

Actually, we must end all fireworks displays. For you see, fireworks are toxic. Moffitt.org:
[Firework display smoke] combustibles can produce toxic fallout that poses serious human health and environmental dangers.
...fireworks are made up of gun powder, accelerant, heavy metals and numerous contaminants, such as ozone, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide. The toxic smoke and dust produced during firework displays can be inhaled directly into the lungs. The negative health effects of fireworks go far beyond temporary lung inflammation and respiratory problems, however.

Carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals released by fireworks can later invade the body through contaminated water or soil. That’s because firework displays often take place over oceans, rivers and lakes, and the resulting toxic fallout can directly contaminate water sources. In addition to posing a direct health risk to humans, these pollutants can affect fish and other aquatic life, and eventually move up the food chain.

The dangerous chemicals released during firework displays can wreak havoc on the human body, affecting the endocrine system, immune system, gastrointestinal system and metabolism, as well as the neurotransmitters in the brain.
Basic, common knowledge tells us we know that if we smell something, anything, we are actually inhaling micro-particles of the substance that we smell. And since there is absolutely no safe level of smoke, or second-hand smoke, we cannot and must not allow fireworks displays to continue.

And all that particulate matter from the fireworks smoke finds its way into the earth and water supply. The only logical conclusion is that if you are adamantly opposed to any level of second-hand cigarette smoke, you must hold and apply the same standard to the smoke and pollution caused by fireworks displays.

You don't want to poison the air and the water with toxic fallout from fireworks displays, do you?

In fact, if you oppose eliminating fireworks displays, you can only be an environment-hating, alt-Right-Hate-mongering Racist Republican who doesn't care at all about dirty air and filthy water.

Need more evidence? Well, check out Medical Xpress:
...[fireworks] displays are achieved by adding metals to the gunpowder. When a pyrotechnic display takes place it releases a lot of smoke, liberating minute metallic particles (of a few microns in size, or even less), which are small enough to be inhaled deeply into the lungs.
[Studies] confirm that the levels of lead, copper, strontium, potassium and magnesium skyrocketed after the fireworks were launched.
...researchers analysed [sic] the levels of more than 30 chemical elements and compounds [and found high concentrations of] lead, copper, strontium, potassium and magnesium skyrocketed after the fireworks were launched. [In addition], fireworks smoke includes high concentrations of] aluminium [sic], titanium, barium and antimony, and also concentrations of nitric oxide (NO) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).
The researcher compares the problem with that of tobacco.
For your health, and for all that is sacred and holy, my dear, newly-found kindred Anti-Smoking Nazis, stay indoors during all fireworks displays. Close all the windows and doors. Shut the shades. Tie a bandanna, or better yet a surgical breathing mask - and wear it for at least a full 24 hours after any fireworks display.

And take an added step of caution that I plan on doing, not to watch fireworks displays through a window. Who knows, it could be very hazardous.

And the children, oh - oh - oh, the children. You must keep them far, far away and indoors from any type of fireworks display. It would be nothing short of child endangerment, abuse and neglect if we allowed them to attend a fireworks display.

Even "smoke bombs" and "snakes" release toxins. You wouldn't give your child a lit cigarette, would you? It goes to reason, then, you don't want your child near any type of small-scale firework that emits metallic toxins and poisonous smoke.

Yes, I was against this group of goose-stepping Anti-Smoking Eichmann Kill-joys.  But no more. I am one with you. We are one. I am you. I am Negan. You are Negan. We are all Negan.

You can't possibly oppose all second-hand cigarette smoke and not oppose the toxic pollutants from fireworks. If there's one thing I now know, it's that Uber Liberal Anti-Cigarette Nazis are not hypocrites. No, they care. They really do. And that's what I overlooked for so long. Again, I'm sorry...Mea Culpa.

It's time to end this hazardous, polluting and toxic tradition of fireworks.

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