Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Future of Life Institute - The Pledge Against Lethal Autonomous Weapons:
...we the undersigned agree that the decision to take a human life should never be delegated to a machine. There is a moral component to this position, that we should not allow machines to make life-taking decisions for which others – or nobody – will be culpable. There is also a powerful pragmatic argument: lethal autonomous weapons, selecting and engaging targets without human intervention, would be dangerously destabilizing for every country and individual.
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The Seattle Times - Your passwords have probably been hacked and what to do about it:
An Australian security guru named Troy Hunt spends his days looking in dark corners of the Internet to add hacked data to this free site. It now totals half a billion exposed passwords and 5 billion hacked accounts. Hunt can hardly keep up.
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I love her because Apple and Google hate her.  Gadgets Now:
[Apple CEO Tim] “lectured her on corporate tax”, according to the Wired. Once the decision was out, Cook allegedly in private said that it was “political crap.”
Fuck. Tim. Cook.
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Tech News WorldIs your Smart TV spying on you?
Did you know that fancy smart TV sitting in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom actually may be watching you?
If you are a marketer, you love it. You can get loads of user data for your marketing. However, if you are a consumer who cares about protecting your privacy, you feel invaded.
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...a whole lot of people unfamiliar with gaming rape culture found out earlier this month, when [an avatar] was gang-raped on a playground by two male avatars in the hugely popular, typically family-friendly game [Roblox].
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(MF'g Google. SOBs). C|NetGoogle tries to hi-jack
Google owns, which has been driving rival search engine DuckDuckGo up the wall for over six years. Because when you type "" into a web browser, you get Doesn't make a lot of sense, yes?
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Tech DirtIndia embraces net neutrality. U.S. run in opposite direction:
...the United States walks away from the concept of net neutrality, India just passed some of the toughest net neutrality rules in the world.
Facebook engaged in some shady behavior, at one point trying to trick Indian citizens into supporting its plans and opposing meaningful net neutrality protections
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PC Authority: Game potions are classified as real drugs?
["Joy"] isn’t the first drug-related run-in with the Australian Classification Board that videogames have had. One of the last infamous interactions occurred when Fallout 3 attempted to be classified here, but needed to be altered to remove references to morphine in-game.
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To offer you writing assistance, Grammarly requires access to everything you type. From your social media posts to technical reports, everything is accessed by the extension to be able to catch the typos. However, this also means that any security flaw affecting Grammarly puts user data at risk of exposure.
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The Outline - What really scares teens?
I took to Reddit, texted my friend’s younger brother, and enlisted a handful of people under 20 to watch my “favorite” Gen Z horror movies and the trailers for those upcoming films, and then tell me about their experiences.
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The Drive - The $200,000 air-ride Hummer:
...just about everything aside from the H1's original frame saw an upgrade. Mil-Spec put a ton of focus into adding sound-deadening and making the Hummer much more livable than General Motors ever did. Now, the shop has come out with another build that ups the comfort ante by including air-ride technology.
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...WiFi security is often sacrificed by airport operators in exchange for consumer convenience, leaving networks unencrypted, unsecured or improperly configured[.]
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HackRead - LabCorp suffers massive data breach:
...cybercriminals have managed to breach the security of America’s leading clinical laboratory and medical diagnostics center LabCorp that can put health records of not thousands but millions of patients at risk.
[LabCorp] is responsible for performing routine and specialty diagnostic tests including HIV tests, bloodwork and urine analysis.
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WIRED - You can’t sue your way to a solution for global warming.
Facing billions of dollars in climate change-related damage in the coming years, New York was hoping to extract some money from the transnational companies that extract the oil that people burn for energy[.]
States, cities, municipalities - all most overspending and all desperately looking for more revenue money. There's no one else left to sue. May I suggest "drastic budget reductions"?
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Technology Review - Google looking to help speed up quantum computing:
[Google's] Cirq, is a software toolkit that lets developers create algorithms without needing a background in quantum physics.
For now, developers can use Cirq to create quantum algorithms that run on simulators. But the goal is to have it help build software that will run on a wide range of real machines in the future.
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Info World - Powering AI:
The range of innovative AI hardware-accelerator architectures continues to expand. Although you may think that graphic processing units (GPUs) are the dominant AI hardware architecture, that is far from the truth.
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BB-Idaho said...

RE: Pledge Against Lethal Autonomous Weapons
I don't possess any LAW, being stuck in the landline stage. But,
those driverless cars that keep running over pedestrians-can a car
be taken to court? Is "My drone did it, I'm innocent" a reasonable excuse? Not to mention that infamous case in robotized Japan a few years back where the night janitor was grabbed by an automotive painting robot and painted to death. Do you suppose the 'pledge' is
aimed at DARPA , the engineering types no doubt working on robot soldiers? Would these
autonomous troopers be involved in Court Martials for fragging their
robot lieutenants? Such problems for the robot judges....:)

David Drake said...

Eh - BB - I haven't logged in July 21. Time, lack of it, and it moving to damn fast.

I like the "drone did it" loophole:)

The's only as sincere as the person making it, right? I dunno. Somewhere, some time, some one is going to F things up bigtime in TECH and make life excruciatingly miserable for the rest of the world. Whether whatever happens is by accident or on purpose (conspiracy alert: The Rothschilds, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, etc), it will suck. My unsupported guess is a global, or near-global financial/economic crisis. Probably designed as such, although that's the conspiracy side of me talking. Thanks for visiting and commenting.