Saturday, May 18, 2024

Saturday Night Retro Random Memes.

The original intent was Better Days From the Past memes. I dunno if days past were better, maybe they were or maybe we wax nostalgic. At least, as kids, (if you grew up any time from the 1950s-60s to the early/mid 1990s), we played outside, got dirty, drank from a water hose and weren't scrolling on smart phones 14 hours a day. 

A few other meme styles worked their way in. Nothing terribly "Sensitive" or "Bad Taste" but there are a few after the page break with Mature or Adult Content (think along the line of something of Big Mike falling out and visible). 

Some images look better as is, on the page. Others better and more legible when you click on the image.

He trusted me in confidence but I can't keep this secret. This is CederQ's, (as he refers to it), "summer home".

Disclaimer: You acknowledge this "Viewer Discretion Advisory" and hold this blog and author harmless by going beyond the pagebreak. (Really, there's nothing that controversial, this is the standard boilerplate for the couple of snowflakes who stop here and clutch pearlz!)

MORE after the Pagebreak

Bacon wrapped ham.



Phil said...

There is a Dairy Queen in downtown Vancouver that looks exactly like the one in your post and it is still going strong.

Drake's Place said...

Phil , I had to do a double-take at that one too, for I've seen ones just like it. So I had to look at the background to determine it's not the ones I know. Those must all be within a certain year(s) of each other, like you say they are all alike and doing good biz.

Anonymous said...

I know what picture 2 is and my back does hurt.
The how HPs work is good. Hogg's bike and Big Mike could've gone without seeing.
I've used that coffee pot.
You're making me feel old Dave.

Drake's Place said...

Mark , I know image 2 too! Same for the coffee pot, grandma had one.
Sorry about the bike, BIG Mike and making you feel old. :)