Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Guess who wins.

Politico: AIPAC-backed Sarah Elfreth wins primary for open Maryland congressional seat.

The pro-Israel group boosted a state senator against a nationally known Jan. 6 Capitol Police officer — and won.
Sarah Elfreth, a state senator backed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, won the crowded Democratic primary for an open congressional seat in Maryland on Tuesday — a major win for the pro-Israel group.

Elfreth defeated 21 other candidates, including former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, in the race to replace retiring Rep. John Sarbanes in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Dunn, a first-time candidate, was seen as a formidable contender because of his personal story defending the Capitol against the violent mob on Jan. 6, 2021 — which he relied on as part of a campaign message focused on protecting democracy, drawing millions of dollars from across the country.
Elfreth, however, was the beneficiary of more than $4 million in spending from United Democracy Project, a super PAC funded by AIPAC. It was one of UDP’s biggest investments to date[.]
AIPAC, which spent heavily in the 2022 cycle and is looking to up the ante this year, has so far injected millions in both Democratic and Republican primaries in hopes of getting more pro-Israel allies in Congress as the war between Israel and Hamas continues.
[...] Dunn took issue with AIPAC’s involvement, centering criticisms of the group’s Republican donors in his campaign message, it turned contentious. UDP slammed Dunn, saying he should be “ashamed of himself” for running attack ads against Elfreth.
AIPAC has threatened to drop $100 million to support pro-Israel candidates this cycle.

Dunn takes issue with AIPAC's involvement in USA's political system, a valid concern. What happens? The Jews drop the hammer on him. "Oy Vey, you should be ashamed of running attack ads against Elfreth!" Because AIPAC has never run attack ads against any candidate they oppose, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

What -? AIPAC forgets just five days ago, taking out ads against Rep. Tom Massie because he thinks AIPAC has too much influence in our politics and that AIPAC should have to register as a foreign agent, which they aren't required. Massie is right and Jews kvetch, kvetch, kvetch. 

This is about Israel and Jews, yet it isn't. No other country should be allowed to exert this much power over America's political system. Yet, somehow, Israel has done just that. 

My opinion would be the same towards any other country or group usurping what is supposed to be American government with America's interests FIRST.

Remind me of how many American citizens with Israeli dual citizenship are members of Israel's government, the Knesset? Z-E-R-O. 

Stop voting for AIPAC financed candidates. Their interests aren't America First.

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