Monday, June 3, 2019

Stanley Cup Game 4; Tonight in St. Louis. Series: BOS 2 - STL 1

Saturday's Game 3 of the NHL Stanley Cup had Boston winning 7 to 2 over St. Louis. P1 ended with a score of the Bruins leading the Blues 3 - 0. The Blues picked up a goal in P2 while the Bruins picked up two. Going into P3, the score was 5 - 1, the Blues managed one goal while Boston nailed two more.

St. Louis couldn't catch or make a break for themselves on Monday night and Boston was on top of their game. Blues' defense was sluggish, which is in keeping with their inconsistent play during regular-season. Some nights they had it (defense), other nights they didn't.

Game 3 Final Score: Bruins 7 - Blues 2.

My Game 3 Score Prediction: Blues 5 - Bruins 2. I'm 0 for 3; on a roll!

Tonight's Game 4 preview here.

The Puck hits the Ice at 8PM Eastern time and it's televised on Teh NBC FREE TV! FREE!! FREE!! That must make Crazy Bernie and Teh Cortez happy...because... it's FREE!


Oddsshark predicts tonight's Final Score: Bruins 3.2 - Blues 2.2

My Prediction: Blues 3 - Bruins 1

GO Blues! Happy Hockey!

Disclaimer: The above and future fantasy "final score predictions", are not meant to be, or intended to be, or construed as, or subconsciously suggested as, advice on which to make wagers or betting. It is simply the observation of an NHL fan. If you have even the slightest desire to gamble based on anything written here, immediately seek help from your doctor and/or call 911. You are INSANE to consider my fantasy NHL musings as a basis on which to gamble, “sportsbet” or other type of wager. I am not responsible for any losses, financial, emotional or otherwise. On the other hand, good natured comments of childish taunting, ad-hominem attacks and name-calling by hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike in the comments section is encouraged.

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