Saturday, May 21, 2022

Biden ready to give South Korea nukes.

Newsweek: Joe Biden to 'Enhance' North Korea Deterrence After Kim Jong Un Nuclear Vow.

Biden issued a joint statement with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol early on Saturday during his first visit to Asia since becoming president in January last year.

Yoon and Biden reiterated their commitment to the South Korea-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty, while Biden affirmed the U.S. deterrence commitment to its ally "using the full range of U.S. defense capabilities, including nuclear, conventional, and missile defense capabilities."

It's amazing the pretzel-like twists and turns that liberals contort themselves into when the opposite political party is in charge. Remember the John Kerry "we have to talk to our enemies," line of bullshit? It was fine when he met with Syria's Bashar al-Assad. But URRRMUHGAWD - when former President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un - - - oh, that's different.

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