Friday, May 20, 2022

Boozing Biden SS Agents sent home from South Korea after drunken "incident."

ABC News: 2 Secret Service employees being sent home from South Korea ahead of Biden's arrival after alleged incident.

Two Secret Service employees -- an agent and an armed physical security specialist -- in South Korea to prepare for President Joe Biden's impending arrival are being sent home after an alleged alcohol-fueled incident that ended with a report being filed with local police, according to two sources briefed on the situation.

The personnel were assigned to help prepare for the presidential visit when they went out for dinner and then stopped at several bars, the sources told ABC News. As the evening progressed, the two Secret Service staffers became apparently intoxicated and the agent wound up in a heated argument with a cab driver, according to the sources.
The latest episode in the Far East carries echoes of the 2012 scandal in which Secret Service employees were investigated for drinking heavily and hiring prostitutes while preparing for a trip by then-President Barack Obama to Cartagena, Colombia.

Well...there's nothing like a booze-fueled incident by Secret Service Agents to make a good impression with a hosting country.

It's good to know that the "Adults are in charge."

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Bunkerville said...

I would need a drink or two thinking I might be in the line of fire with this bozo

Anonymous said...

I know I'd need a drink or five off duty after babysitting Biden .

Drake's Place said...

Bunk and Anon, I couldn't agree more with both of you if I tried.

Sure is funny we never had SS Agent drunken incidents during Trump's term. But we did with the fake president born in Kenya and now with basement dementia dweller.

Thank you both for stopping by and commenting.