Sunday, May 7, 2017

NHL Sunday

Did anyone think Washington would beat Pittsburgh last night? I sure didn't. Midway through the second period the Penguins seemed tired...slow. And the Capitals dominated the third period while the Penguins seemed to just call it quits. The Pens still lead in the series 3-2 and game 6 is tomorrow in Pittsburgh and they'll close down the series with a win.

I searched, and didn't find (on, and a local site) how many shots on goal the Penguins had in the third period but if it exceeded double digits I'd be shocked. The Caps fired 20 shots on goal in the third period, and when they - in the span of 27 seconds - scored two goals in a row, I believe that was the moment The Pens realized this was not going to be their win.

Washington found their gusto last night. They were faster and outplayed Pittsburgh, dominating the third period. The Caps played "okay" the first two periods and for a while it looked like the end result would be what I predicted yesterday, a Penguin win 3-2 in one OT. Yeah, take my predictions to the bank and you're sure to end up in the poorhouse.

As I write this, Nashville leads St. Louis 2 - 1 in the third period with less than six minutes remaining. And I won't be back online tonight to write anything about that game. (Aren't you glad :)?

Tonight's late game is Anaheim and Edmonton, the Ducks leading the series 3 - 2. I'd like to see the Ducks wrap it up tonight, but since they're playing in Edmonton, I'm inclined to say Edmonton will win.

However, I'll predict a Ducks win, 3-2.

And that is today's NHL post.

Disclaimer: These NHL predictions are not any way intended, or to be taken, as advice on sports betting or engaging in gambling or wagering; legal, illegal or other.

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