Saturday, May 6, 2017

Global Warming takes a Hiatus

So that's why the temperature has been so enjoyable lately. News is here that Global Warming is on Hiatus. Red Orbit:
While scientists are in near-universal agreement that climate change is a thing and that humans played a significant role in causing it to happen, there is one area that has caused some confusion and fueled climate skeptics – the so-called warming “hiatus” that lasted from 1998 to 2012.

Now, however, new research published online this week in the journal Nature has attempted to provide answers by explaining that part of the confusion stemmed from short-term changes, the amount of unaccounted for heat stored in oceans, and incomplete observational data.
It's not RedOrbit's error, they're just reporting the story. But the above-linked story offers numerous examples where research data was excluded, missing, not known, unavailable and overlooked.

However, while the above unknown quantities remain unknown...
...lead researcher Dr. Iselin Medhaug of the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zurich and his colleagues explained [they will] they set out to reconcile those discrepancies.
While those "discrepancies" are being reconciled, the report remains adamant that humans are to blame:
...the authors wrote[...] “Combined with stronger recent warming trends in newer datasets, we are now more confident than ever that human influence is dominant in long-term warming.”
Did I miss the day that satire was introduced into science's academic curriculum?

"There's absolutely no doubt that humans contribute to global warming."

"Oops. We forgot to include a bunch of research."

"Well, we checked again and made sure we had all the data this time and we're certain human influence is contributing to long-term warming."

What is the definition of long-term warming? How can that possibly be predicted when no one can tell us what our local weather will be ten days out from today?

How does one even begin to calculate global warming being on hiatus? "Global warming on hiatus" has to be the most stupid, idiotic grouping of words I've ever read.

Does "Global Cooling" take hiatus also? Where does it go on vacation? Some place warm?

Were not the seacoast cities, by now, to have been wiped off the shoreline according to the Great Climatologist Albert Gore, Junior?

People once thought the earth was flat. Some still believe that.

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