Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dear John McCain...

...would you please just stick a "D" after your name so we can move forward knowing who you really are, and have been for many, many years. The Hill:
More recently, McCain has taken aim at the president over his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, a decision he called disappointing. He told foreign officials on Tuesday at a meeting of the Munich Security Conference that if Trump hoped to interrupt the FBI's ongoing Russia investigation it would not work.

"I regret it, I think it’s unfortunate," McCain said. "The president does have that constitutional authority. But I can’t help but think that this is not a good thing for America."
Ah...McLame criticizes the President of the United States and the U.S. while feet planted firmly on foreign soil. It's right out of the playbook from The Left. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama must be so proud of McCain.

When will the likes of McCain and Lindsey Graham grasp the fact that the "Russia[n]" story is a ruse; completely FakeStream™ Media? Answer: McCain and other RINOs like him will never realize this is fake news and if they do, they will never admit it.

I expect nothing but Liberals grandstanding from abroad as they diss the U.S. and the president. I didn't think we'd be dealing with this type of behavior from John McCain. Wait - I retract that. This is the type of behavior I do expect from bitter, losing presidential candidate John McCain.

McCain, joining with and doing the same as the Democrats, keeps the Russian hacking theory alive.

If McCain is such a Techie, and is so damned knowledgeable about hacking, don't you think, then, that he should know what an Exit Node is?
Committee chairman and Republican Arizona Senator John McCain used strong language during the hearing, including saying that the alleged hack was "an unprecedented attack on our democracy.”

When questioned by a Sputnik reporter following the hearing about the debunking of the Joint Annual Report by security experts, including the finding that 43 percent of the IP addresses attributed to ‘Russian hackers’ were generic web-browser Tor exit nodes, the Senator responded by saying that he had “no idea” what she was talking about.
Can the voters of Arizona recall McCain's Senatorial election?

I'm not being ageist, at least I don't think I am and my intention is not that; but McCain is too old to be of service to his country. He's put in many years of service, it's time he retires as an active politician.

I'm sorry, but the health of our republic can no longer be left in the hands of politicians who are too old to grasp technology. And this applies to all politicians.

When McCain states, on the Senate floor, that Senator Rand Paul is "working for Vladimir Putin" , it's time we recognize when an elected official has intellectually Jumped The Shark and can no longer effectively represent their country in an appropriate, coherent and cognizant manner, they need to be removed from office.

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