Thursday, April 13, 2017

What if Assad Didn't Gas Anyone?

I'm rethinking the accusation that Bashar al-Assad gassed anyone last week.

I don't think this happened.

I'm rethinking this because of MJ's posts here, and here and here.

Is Syria another excuse for neocons like John McCain to beat the War Machine?

President Donald Trump can't possibly think that the U.S. can have any type of Military confrontations simultaneously with Syria, North Korea and all the other Mideast countries that are a mess due to Barack Obama's failed foreign policy.

I don't believe - at least I don't want to believe - that we are on the precipice of World War III.

Trump, who I supported, explicitly stated we have no business in Syria and then turned a 180 and ushered in U.S. involvement with Syria.

How will his supporters know, from this point on, whether to believe Trump or not?

Trump does not need to poke the bear of North Korea and bring them into play with what so far, looks like a very amateur performance of Trump Foreign Policy.

It is the Bill Clinton presidency that brought us to where we are with North Korea:
Under the final terms of the Agreed Framework approved in October 1994, Clinton agreed to provide the “Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea” (DPRK) with two light water nuclear reactors and a massive allotment of oil.  The U.S. agreed to ship 500,000 metric tons of oil annually in response to the North’s pretense that the energy-starved backwater had developed the nuclear facility to generate power.  These shipments have cost taxpayers more than $800 million to date — a bargain compared with the $6 billion spent on constructing the nuclear reactors, which now empower North Korea to produce 100 nuclear bombs each year.

All these measures failed to quell the North’s atom-lust.
Clinton gave in to every one of North Korea's demands.

I'll hold Trump's feet to the fire, and apply the same standards to him that I did with Obama, W. Bush and Bubba Clinton. I'm not cutting any slack for Trump just because he's not Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. needs to disengage from Syria and North Korea immediately.

Assad protected Christians in Syria, search and seek for yourselves:

This should not be - this is not - and I hope not -  a question of who is better for starting World War III; Trump or Clinton.


molson said...


Your're back! Low and behold I go over to my now neglected Hiking CO blog to reminisce on the old days and I see your comment. Most excellent. Most excellent indeed.

David Drake said...


I never planned on not continuing the old blog, but sometimes "life" takes priority and boom, 6-7 years fly by. And I forgot my p-word at the old blog. And....I really got addicted to blogging. I "HAD" to do it every day. The hiatus was good, but it's fun to bb back. I was hoping you'd someday see the comment on your blog.

Hope you return as well and start publishing those beautiful pics you are famous for taking. If you update your current site, or start a new one, be sure to let me know and I'll add it to my blogroll. I DO have Hiking Colo on my current roll and have since day #1 hoping you'd return.

I am so glad to hear from you. You are such a welcomed voice from the past. Made my Day! Truly!

FYI--I promised myself to only update this site 3-4 times a week, sometimes it's a little more, other times less. I have to not let it consume me this time. :)

Gosh it's good to hear from you. I added that comment to your site hoping you'd see it one day. So glad you did. Have a Blessed Easter and please stay in touch. God Bless you friend!

molson said...

Time really has flown by hasn't it? Well I never made it back to CO. Thus the dead Hiking CO blog. I'm not sure what I will do with it. I will leave it as is for now. Maybe I will dig through my oldest of archives and post a photo in honor of your return to blogging. For the moment, I am wasting time and space near the belly of the beast, the District of Corruption, but not for much longer depending on this or that. The new locale should offer some different photo blogging opportunities. Then I can consider a new blog, some new equipment, and a motorcycle. Yes whatever I do will most likely involve a motorcycle and not so much mountains, not without a road trip. A lot has to happen between now and then so I would give it a year. In the meantime, I can pop in here and leave a snarky comment or two.

David Drake said...

If you're allowing a voting system, I would most definitely vote FOR the measure of keeping the Hiking CO blog up even if you decided not to update it --- it would be a shame to delete all those beautiful photos you took and posted.

The time did fly by. And how. Posting a photo in honor of my return, :) LOL !! So far not "traffic" I'd like but it took a while before MrsS site got hits, so, I'm a patient person. But I do this for me now, and at a pace of which I am more in control.

In DC? Congrats. So you're the one causing all the trouble, eh ?? Well, I'd rather it be you than...than....that guy....what's his name....the last president, "so-called" president anyway....from Kenya...I want to say his name started with the letter 'O' ???

A cycle, a camera, a road trip. That says it all. And perhaps a new blog? I'd look forward to it anxiously, Molson.

Got to run, but absolutely stop by and leave a note when time permits. It is just so great to hear from you and know I will again. I look forward to your future astute observations on current events, the Body Politic and of course our beloved...HRC.