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Syria A Mess? Blame Albright and Clinton. Same for North Korea.

Albright and her "friendly toast" to Tyrant Kimmy.

I can't repeat this often enough. Along with EX president Barack "Big Ears" Obama turning a blind eye to the behavior of Bashar al-Assad, we can place direct blame of both Syria and North Korea on EX president Bill Clinton and EX Secretary of State Madeleine "Butcher of Kosovo" Albright.

From the hardly right-wing NY Times, October 24, 2000:
Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright plunged into Communist North Korea today, meeting with the nation's mysterious leader, Kim Jong Il, and attending a gargantuan spectacle of about 100,000 performers that celebrated the cult of her host.
...Dr. Albright, [.] enthusiastically applauded the 90-minute authoritarian display of choreography and chorus.
Dr. Albright responded to Mr. Kim's hospitality with a friendly toast tonight, saying as he sat next to her at a dinner table in a government guest house: ''America's symbol is the eagle, a bird that soars, and Korea's pride is mountains that scrape the sky. There is no obstacle we cannot overcome if we make the strategic decision to do so together.''
I guess if the strategic decision is the policy of placating and deferring action for the next Administration to deal with, the Butcher of Kosovo is correct.

Pffft! "Doctor" Albright. Whether she has an actual PhD or it's honorary, she's no doctor. "The Doctor of Death in Kosovo," maybe.

Albright: Should be under arrest for War Crimes.

In 1997, Albright met with Syrian President Hafez al-Assad (father of Syria's current Tyrant Bashar al-Assad):
...Ms. Albright is also interested in taking the measure of Mr. Assad, and to attempt to restart suspended peace negotiations between Syria and Israel[.]
But peace with Syria is key to a comprehensive settlement in the Middle East, and Israeli officials acknowledge that it cannot happen without the help and mediation of the United States. Ms. Albright also wants to discuss the Syrian role in Lebanon and press Mr. Assad to stop support for terrorism in the region.
Well. A lot of good that 1997 trip to Syria did for us, eh "Doctor Butcher"?

Back to North Korea:

I'm sure the letter from Clinton to Kimmy really convinced Kimmy and his generals to adopt a more Kumbaya attitude:
Albright gave Kim a letter from President Bill Clinton dealing with Clinton's expectations of how to further develop relations between the two countries.

He said Kim and Albright were expected to meet again on Tuesday because "they have more to talk about."

During their meeting Monday afternoon, Kim and Albright focused their discussions on issues of how to improve ties between the two countries and Clinton's possible visit to Pyongyang in the near future.
Well - - -  so much for "diplomacy Vis-à-vis a letter". Perhaps Kimmy disliked the font chosen by Bubba. Maybe if Bubba would have drawn a smiley face on the the letter, Kimmy would have been more amenable?

Bubba appeases Kimmy on behalf of Obama in 2009.


And from The Economist, that "globalist, New World Order" publication (who the hell subscribes to it, anyway?), Bill Clinton's 2009 meeting with Kimmy (on the issue of the two American journalists imprisoned in North Korea) carried with it the Democrat Foreign Policy of Appeasement:
Mr Kim is an ace non-smiler.
Whether the normally affable Mr Clinton managed to stay poker-faced through the three hours and 15 minutes he and Mr Kim spent in each other's company[.]
North Korea says Mr Clinton apologised [sic] fulsomely for the actions of the two journalists who had strayed across its border from China. American officials deny any such apology was given. They also denied reports as news of the visit broke that Mr Clinton had brought a conciliatory message from President Barack Obama.
I can read Obama's letter to Kimmy, delivered to him by Bubba:

"Dear Kimmy, please wait until after my term is over until you decide to threaten the U.S. and others on the global stage."

Sincerely and Best Always,
Barack Hussein Obama, Appeaser-In-Chief.

Kimmy Jong Un. What's with the haircut?

2009: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns North Korea on missile launching.

2016: Obama warns North Korea regarding missile launches.

And for yucks and giggles, in 2014 the North Korean government referred to Secretary of State John Kerry not just as a "LANTERN JAW," but as a HIDEOUS Lantern Jaw.

HIDEOUS Lantern Jaw.

We at least know that North Korea has a sense of humor and the ability of conceiving insult humor.

Clearly, none of these "verbal warnings" from the Democrat Appeasers had any impact on North Korea or Syria.

This is the textbook example of Democrat Foreign Policy. It doesn't exist.

Punctuation and grammar corrections 4/9/2017.

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