Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NHL Playoffs: The Puck Drops Tonight

The NHL Playoffs are here!

Tonight, among other games, the Minnesota Wild faces Columbus St. Louis in game one in beautiful downtown St. Paul.

The Wild have a fantastic season this year and if they keep playing as they have been - thorugout the playoffs - Minnesota could easily see The Stanley Cup as a new resident.

The playoff coverage is, obviously, found at

The Wild. Bring home The Cup! They have the momentum and this is THEIR YEAR!

The Playoff schedule is listed here.

Five games begin tonight! :

NY Ranger vs Canadians:  NY Rangers win by 1.

Bruins vs Senators: A Boston win by 2.

Columbus vs Pittsburgh: Penguins win by 2.

Blues vs MN Wild:  Wild win by 1.

Sharks vs Oilers: Edmonton by 1.

The above is not intended as any type of gambling or wagering advice. Simply my guess as who wins. I'll be keeping track of my accuracy.

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