Sunday, April 16, 2017

NHL Playoffs Continue

I love me my NHL. I'm writing this on April 15 with a publishing date of April 16.

As we left off last time...

... not that anyone cares but me, but for my own tracking sake, here's how I stand on my NHL Playoff picks to date. Note: So far, the only predictions (which I never make. I don't make predictions. Nor is this intended as any manner of gambling, betting or wagering advice, legal gambling or otherwise), I've made were for games played April 12.

Pick: NY Ranger vs Canadians:  NY Rangers win by 1.
RESULT: Rangers won 2. Montreal 0.
Winner right, score not.

Pick: Bruins vs Senators: A Boston win by 2.
RESULT: Boston 2; Senators 1.
Winner right; score not.

Pick: Columbus vs Pittsburgh: Penguins win by 2.
RESULT: Penguins 3; Blue Jackets 1.
Winner and Score point difference picked.

Pick: St.  Louis vs MN Wild:  Wild win by 1.
RESULTS:  Blues 2; Wild 1.  (A shame. Ditto game 2.)
Winner wrong; score wrong.

Pick: Sharks vs Oilers: Edmonton by 1.
RESULT: Sharks 3; Oilers 2
Winner wrong; score wrong.

Right winner picks: 3
Incorrect picks: 2

Score Right: 1
Score Wrong: 4
- - -

My Picks for April 15 and 16:

April 15:
Washington v Toronto - Capitals lead series 1-0
Winner: Washington; Score 2-1

Chicago Blackhawks v Nashville Predators - Predators lead 1-0
Winner: Blackhawks because it's the last of the first two games on home ice. Next two games are in Nashville, so Chicago will have to win tonight.
Score: 2 - 1

Calgary v Ducks - Ducks lead series 1- 0
Winner: Ducks (on home ice then move to Calgary for game 3).
Score: Both teams put up good defense in game 1. This is a tough call. I'll say a repeat score of game 1:  Ducks 3; Calgary 2

April 16:
NY Rangers v Montreal - series tied 1 - 1
Winner: Rangers (they're on home ice). Score: 3 - 1

Penguins v Columbus - Penguins lead series 2 - 0
Winner: Columbus; they're on home ice and will be fired up. Although, I honestly think the Pengs will sweep this series 4 - 0.
Score: 1- 0

MN Wild v St. Louis Blues - Blues lead series 2 - 0
Winner: Wild. They HAVE to win this third game which is St. Louis' first game of the series at home. So Blues fans and the stadium will be rocking - but, the Wild have to win this one and they will.
Score: 3 - 1

Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks - series tied 1 - 1
Winner: Game 3 (and 4) both on home ice for the Sharks, and they will win.
Score: 2 - 1 in OT

Any NHL-"head" reading this, please leave comments on your predictions on the games.

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