Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rich Old People Need To Die: Part One

Rich, old people need to die. Why? Because research indicates wealthy rich people live longer and suck up more of everything - from money to natural resources -  from the taxpayer.
The richest people in the U.S. aren’t just getting several years of extra life, they’re also reaping a financial reward for their longevity – courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.
Is anyone really surprised that the wealthy use more natural resources and have access to the very best medical care, and they are living longer? It's time many wealthy and/or aging-wealthy folks set an example and cease living. It's for the Earth...Mother Earth! It's For the Children, Dear god, think of the Children.

These folks seem to have overstayed their welcome.

Michael Bloomberg  75 years old and $47.5 BILLION.

Robert Redford "only" $ 170 Million. But he's 80! And Rich!

Ted Turner, $2.2 Billion. 78 years old. Gotta go Ted. You said yourself in 2012 that world population must be reduced by 5 billion. Be a Leader, show us what it takes. Take a dose of your own medicine, Ted. Are there any high, dangerous bridges near where you live? Any nearby electrical power substations you could grab onto some high voltage coils? At age 78, I just want to be helpful to Ted.

Jeff Bezos.  $76 Billion. Makes Bloomberg look lower middle class, huh? Only 53 but in his case age nullified by extreme wealthiness. Jeff, time to go bye bye.

Warren Buffet, $ 75 Billion. AGE 86! Buffet has exhausted his "fair use" of oxygen and all other natural resources. And with $ 75 Billion?  Warren, seek the Exit Sign.

Another Warren...Beatty. $ 70 Million. And 80 years old.
Need I say more?

Huh, so far all of these are Liberals. Hmmmm.

To be Continued...

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