Thursday, June 23, 2022

Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections.

The Federalist: Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections.

[Biden] really does not want the public to know about his federal takeover of election administration. Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail. Good government groups, members of the media, and private citizens have filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Not a single one has been responded to. All signs indicate a concerted effort to keep the public in the dark until at least after the November midterm elections. The lack of transparency and responsiveness is so bad that the Department of Justice and some of its agencies have been repeatedly sued for the information.

When President Biden ordered all 600 federal agencies to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process” on March 7, 2021, Republican politicians, Constitutional scholars, and election integrity specialists began to worry exactly what was up his sleeve.
Biden gave each agency 200 days to file their plans for approval by none other than Susan Rice, his hyperpartisan domestic policy advisor. Yet fully nine months after those plans were due, they are all being hidden from the public, even as evidence is emerging that the election operation is in full swing.

Hit the link. The Libs are going to steal the mid-terms. The real tragedy is that RINOs and the UniParty are fine with this.


"Zack" said...

"...RINOs and the UniParty are fine with this "

yep yep yep!

They can count on those Banana Republicans!

Drake's Place said...

Zack, Yessiree. McConnell, Mittens, Graham, Collins, Murkowski...if McCain were alive he'd be too happy to join his fellow bananas. Just sickening,