Sunday, August 4, 2019

Why is Beto O'Rourke laughing over the El Paso Wal Mart shooting? Mass shootings under various presidents: Obama outranks them all.

The above happened Saturday, in Nevada, where BOB attended a labor union forum in Las Vegas. Watch the full video at CNN and/or at You Tube.

The MSM won't ask BOB O'Rourke about his chuckling and behavior that is so oddly disconnected from the grievous events in El Paso. If a Republican reacted in this way, we'd be bombarded with what would be described to us by the MSM as a, "strange reaction to a tragedy by [insert name of Republican here]."

BreitbartO'Rourke ties Trump to El Paso shootings. Consider who said it and why, and you don't need to click on the link, unless you want to.

Mass shootings during the Obama Administration sky-rocketed.

Defending Faith And Freedom: Mass Shootings Under the Obama Administration:
Ten (10) Mass Shootings out of 24 since 1966 have happened under the Obama Administration
National AffairsPresidents and mass shootings.

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