Monday, January 7, 2019

MN Governor Switcheroo. Out: Mark Dayton Richie Rich; In: Another Tim"my"

Some might call him Tim.

Considering our last Tim, maybe the Minnesota Legislature can pony up a Bill, signed by the new Tim, decreeing no more governors in MN can have the name Tim. Or Timmy. Or any variation thereof.

"No more Tim-mahs?"

The new Dem Governor Timmy Walz Canned Ham is anxious to raise the gas tax. Time will tell, Timmy.

Gov Canned Ham will take the oath of office January 7, 2019.

Mark Dayton Richie Rich can return to frolicking in the vast Dayton family fortune. Good riddance. Go to the cabin. Fish. Read comic books. Do the Soduko. Sign-up and Volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Promise to steer clear of public office, elected and appointed. Be retired.

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