Thursday, January 10, 2019

MN Gov Proclaims Diversity Exec Order

KSTP News: MN Gov Tim Walz Canned Ham's Executive Order, Council of Diversity.
Gov. Tim Walz signed his first executive order Wednesday.

The order established the One Minnesota Council on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

It reportedly expands upon a council formed by former governor Mark Dayton in an effort to include individuals from different backgrounds throughout the state.

According to a release from Walz's office, the order he has signed is expected to further the council's mission, "expanding its scope to address geographic diversity as well as important considerations around equity in Minnesota."

Gee. Gov. Canned Ham expanded a program begun by his predecessor Richie Rich Mark Dayton. Walz is just another in a long line of Minnesota Big, Expansive, Government politicians. The elected Dems can't wait to start spending. Canned Ham begins his term with a $ 1.5 BILLION SURPLUS. "Surplus" is a misnomer. The state overcharged everyone again. And they act like it's a surplus. If this were a business or company overcharging customers, the state AG would file suit the moment of hearing one, lonely outcry of unjust financial enrichment.

Below are results from a basic image on Tim Walz. See if you can spot all the diversity among his supporters and friends.

I generally and deliberately blur faces of kids under the adult legal age of 18, so that's why some of the pics are that way. Other than that, the pics are, like I said, from a general image search on Tim(my) Walz. The Liberal Illusion of Diversity is what matters.

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