Sunday, February 19, 2023

What if there was a anti-war rally in DC and the MSM didn't cover it?

Because that's pretty much what's not happening today. Virtually zero MSM coverage of today's Rage Against The War Rally in DC.

Ironically, one of the search result first stories about this rally is from PressTV. Who is PressTV? It's the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Service. Let that sink in.

PressTV: Pro-peace activists announce anti-war rally in Washington.

US antiwar activists have called for a large rally in Washington, DC, to protest against the US government's war-mongering foreign policy and other issues

The "Rage Against The War Machine" rally is set for Sunday where protesters will call for peace talks in Ukraine and an end to US funding and military aid to Kiev forces fighting against Russia.

The rally, which has been organized by the Libertarian and People’s Parties, promises to be the largest US anti-war rally since the protests against the Iraq War in 2003. It is set to feature speakers from across the political spectrum, including former US Senator Ron Paul, former presidential nominee Tulsi Gabbard, and comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore.

Whoa. When the U.S. has to depend on Iran reporting what's happening that isn't being covered by U.S. Legacy FakeStream Media, what does that tell you?

NewsTrackLive is reporting on the story. Who is NewsTrackLive? A news agency based in India.

At least USA based CNS is reporting on it.

Twitter's Rage Against The War Machine is providing updated coverage.

I did a quick scan of headlines at CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS online news. While I might have missed a below the headlines story on the rally, there were no Top Headlines on this rally.

Thanks, USA Leni Riefenstahl Legacy Media, for proving that I can trust totalitarian government-controlled news agencies to report on this more than I can count on USA Media.

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