Sunday, November 27, 2022

"Then the farting started."

Nightmare flight from Sydney to Qatar.

Daily Mail: BELINDA CLEARY was thrilled to be sitting in the A380's top section to Doha - until the male passenger next to her turned it into the flight from hell.

Every cough came with a lovely spray of saliva, and I promptly forgot my own hunger as I watched droplets - yes droplets, land on my meal.

Then the farting started.

As the flatulence continued, I felt like he would surely excuse himself and go to the toilet.

The smell filtered through the entire row, the 'sorry' woman from earlier looked like she was going to throw up.

Wave after wave of the toxic-smelling gas leaked out every 15 minutes or so for the 11 hours we were trapped on the plane.

Cleary is employed by the Daily Mail. The skeptic in me wonders why didn't she take any pictures of this? This would be the first airline incident where multiple people weren't taking pics or filming.


Drake's Place said...

Cederq, Someone in the Daily Mail comments mentioned something similar.

The more I think about this, the more fake I think it is. 11+ hours of this on a plane and not one person took any photos with their phones? Doesn't make any sense.

Phil said...

I had a lovely flight except for a slight case of gas and some annoying Fucktard woman with huge Cat's Eyes glasses who sat next to me and complained the entire flight.

Drake's Place said...

Phil, LOL! You went to Doha for the soccer games? I musta missed that post at your place. Sounds like good times!