Saturday, December 1, 2018

December's Boring NHL Post

EDIT: I wrote this 4 hours ago, something came up, didn't get around to publishing it until now.

Time to check the NHL. I know all one of my hockey reader might appreciate this post. /sarcasm

We're 20-25 games into a 82-game season. Much can change over that time.

There's been some shuffling in each division since my update of 9, October 2018. Let's take a look.

ATLANTIC: TBay made adjustments and leaped from third from the bottom to the number one team. They shut-down the Sabres 10-game winning streak. TBay's jump tapped down Boston who tapped down Montreal.

The Red Wings, Florida, and Ottawa retain their lower four positions. I've watched a few Detroit games where they've lost. The seem slow. Haven't caught a Panthers or Sens game, no idea what's going on with them. Leave a comment if you do. Despite the Red Wings performance, they are the Red Wings - they can never be underestimated or dismissed.

METRO: 2018 Stanley Cup Winner, The Caps,  The Caps, back on top from seated third on October 9. They bounced down a bit, then rebounded. Seems they got their skate on. Same for Columbus. There's this look in the eyes of Columbus, the look of, "we're winning The Cup."  Other shuffling back and forth with the Islanders, Devils, Carolina, Rangers and Philadelphia...and Pittsburgh? They have fifty some games to bounce back.


CENTRAL: Nashville's honed their game back into the playoff foe they have been and the previous Cup-winning team they're known for. Sorry to end that with a preposition. Chicago? I've watched a couple Blackhawks games. They won. Don't know why they slumped. Colorado sits in a good spot, they're usually a consistent and formidable team season after season. Dallas dropped. Winnipeg bounced upwards. The Wild are in a good spot and playing well. Haven't watched a St. Louis game - something is obviously lacking with their game.

PACIFIC: Working from the bottom up, watched a couple Kings game. Have to agree with a relative who said they lack speed. They do. Same relative, they also need some younger players. Yeah, they do. They have the "bodies". They always have. Haven't seen a Coyotes game, but Arizona has been troubled for a few seasons. Had a few decent draft picks over the past few seasons. Their coach, Rick Tocchet, is no neophyte. We''ll see what develops. Haven't seen a Vancouver game. Edmonton maintains. San Jose is in a good place. The Ducks back to quacking (sorry) ice, Calgary doing things right and two-year old Vegas sits at third.

Plenty of games tonight.

Happy Hockey!

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