Friday, December 7, 2018

December 7 NHL Games on Tap Tonight

Four games on tap tonight in the NHL.

Win/Loss follows each team.

MN vs Edmonton
Minnesota 15-11 (5th place Central) vs Edmonton 14-12 (5th place Pacific)

Ducks vs Hurricanes
Anaheim 15-10 (2nd place Pacific) vs Carolina 12-11 (6th place Metro)

Sharks at Stars
Dallas 15-10 (4th place Central) vs San Jose 14-10 (3rd place Pacific)

Blues at Jets
St. Louis 9-13 (7th place Central) vs Winnipeg 17-8 (3rd place Central)


MN over Edmonton, 4-2. MN lost 0-2 to Calgary last night. I'm looking for the Wild to bounce back. Edmonton beat the Blues on Wednesday 3-2, so they'll be strong.

The Ducks are on a winning streak, five in a row. They're looking for six against Carolina, also playing well, but they lost 5-1 to the Sharks Wednesday night. They might put up a tough game. This is a tough call. Caro's Center Jordan Staal is on the injury list for tonight. Ducks have momentum. Ducks 5 - Carolina 3.

The Sharks have won two in a row. They want three tonight in the Land of Southern Stars. Dallas hasn't played since Tuesday, when they beat Edmonton 4-1. Dallas is rested, maybe too rested? Sharks over Stars, 4-2.

St. Louis at Winnipeg. I'd like to see St. Louis win considering their performance has been so (ahem...) disappointing so far this year. The Jets beat the Islanders 3-1 on Tuesday; look for another Jets win here. Tonight: Jets over St. Louis, 3-1.

Check out NHL game predictions at Oddsshark. Use the menu at the top of their site to view each game analysis and prediction. Oddsshark is a fun site, for all sports, not just the NHL.

Game times and viewings are updated and available around 20-30 minutes before start time.


Mark said...

team predictions for cup playoffs Sabres, Las Vegas, Sharks, Tampa, Washington, boston?

David Drake said...

Good specs on your part, Mark. All good teams. Still early in the season. We won't be near the Cup for 7 mo's, though. After last night's Blues win 1-0 over the Jets, anything can happen. Happy hockey!