Tuesday, April 21, 2020

AI social-distancing enforcement tool. "You will be TRACKED!"

An AI start-up company has developed a video surveillance system that can tell if we’re abiding by social distancing rules. It’s the latest example of the pandemic inspiring what some might view as sinister technology.
Californian software developer Landing AI has created a video tool that can be used to ascertain whether people are following social distancing rules.

“Landing AI has developed an AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the camera,” the company chirps, in a blog post about the new software.
Remove your mask and smile for the camera! Big Brother wants a nice, clear image of your facial recognition for their database.


Odysseus said...

They'd better not have any blind spots where their cameras can't see each other. Because I hear people can do all kinds of horrible things to CCT towers.

Drake's Place said...

Odysseus, Silver linings are everywhere, sometimes ya just gotta look :)