Saturday, March 2, 2019

Puppy reacts to Mufasa's death in Lion King.

Story here. MSN:
Luna, a four-month-old pit bull, lives with Josh Myers and Hannah Huddleston in Tennessee. In a video, Luna can be seen crying during the scene in which Simba weeps next to his dead father Mufasa.
More here.

Our pet ferret gets emotional and depressed when Mr. Orange dies at the end of "Reservoir Dogs".

I saw mere moments of some news item about that guy from the Plexaderm commercial giving some sort of testimony under oath to a congressional committee? What's that all about? And I heard something about some woman walking around Congress in a Slanket? Or it a Snuggie? Not sure of the difference. They sure as hell don't make these for ferrets.

Yep. Happily off Grid for a bit. Well, back to the party. Be back soon.

Is Hillary president yet?

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