Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tesla Electric Cars: Dirty, Filthy, Polluting, Earth Destroying, Global Warming Escalatng Contributor

The pure, clean, enviro-friendly electric Tesla cars are no better for the environment than diesel or gas. Climate Change Dispatch:
Despite being recognized as among the most environmentally friendly on the market, Tesla vehicles harm the planet just about as much as their diesel and petrol equivalents, according to a recent analysis by Engaged Tracking, a London-based research firm.
This is because more CO2 is emitted during the manufacturing of electric vehicles, and the electricity Tesla vehicles in the U.K. require are generated mostly by coal and gas.
Tesla countered with: "the group’s findings, claiming the comparison of a Model S — a larger model — to an average vehicle is not fair."
Oh, gee - the "[ it's ] not fair" cry from the Left / Earth-Fcukers. What isn't unfair to them? When have they ever been "fair"?

Unfortunately for Tesla, this is not the first study that concluded electric cars proved no benefit to the environment.

From the same story/link above:
The Manhattan Institute published a report in May that analyzed the cost of electric automobiles and their effectiveness to clean the environment.

The Institute’s findings were quite notable: electric cars actually increase the amount of pollution into the atmosphere compared to new internal combustion vehicles.
So far, (and tech can change), electric cars provide no benefit to the environment. This information has no impact or effect on the Enviro-First-Facts-Don't-Matter crowd who will once again don their denial cap and undergo yet another session of flip of the switch.

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