Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wolrd News - June 27, 2018

Lake County, CA Image: ©Canadian Press
Wildfire in Northern Cali rages. MSN:
The fire in Lake County north of San Francisco is now nearly 18 square miles[.]
... over the weekend residents had to evacuate all homes in the town of Spring Valley, where about 3,000 people live.
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India TodayCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  criticized for taking too many days off and worsening ties with India:
The Canadian Conservative Party's tweet..."Justin Trudeau is taking yet another "personal" day today.["]
- - - - Liberal Party gathering at a chicken and kebab shop turns into brawl:
There are conflicting stories on what caused the brawl.
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Eurasia Review Op/Ed: Trump is right leaving the Iran deal.
...the Obama administration’s bad deal, [was] long on promises but short on verifiable claims of denuclearization by the Iranian regime.
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The Week (UK): A "far-right" surge in Sweden.
EU’s most liberal country could be next to face populist earthquake, analysts suggest[.]
Dozens of people have been killed over the past two years by gangs mostly from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants.
The rise in violence, which has been linked to Sweden’s liberal “open-door” policies[.]
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Science Alert: Astronomers Are Freaking Out Over a Very, VERY BRIGHT Cow:
[The Cow] stood out [because] it was so unlike a standard exploding star.

Most events like it take several weeks to reach peak luminosity, but in the course of just three days, AT2018cow became about 10 times as bright as a normal supernova.
 Image: Clipartix
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BBC|Northern IrelandWhen is it too hot to work? (Not just outside).
Beside a furnace...[which] is kept at around 1150F so it's hot anywhere close to it no matter the time of the year.
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London South East: UK business, unions and workers want Brexit fast-tracked:
"We are calling on the UK government and the EU to inject pace and urgency in the negotiations, bringing about measurable progress, in particular a backstop arrangement to avoid a hard border in Ireland."
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I NewsTampons should be free. (Are they being caged?)

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Funeral director Ashley McDonald recently had to install an extra-wide fridge to make sure his firm could keep up with a heavier population.

"We've bought fridges with a larger than standard door to help us to be sustainable for the future as people are getting larger."
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Talk about a more appropriate time for the title of an Alice Cooper album:

Flush it indeed. Take in the latest from the Paris Men's Fashion 2019 Spring/Summer collection Who is wearing these clothes and where? Other than the catwalk? There are 55 images. Keep on scrolling down the link...heck, maybe you will find something you like.
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