Monday, November 26, 2018

Tech News

C|NetThe Rivian: an all-electric, luxury, 400-mile pick-up truck.
Its design is as futuristic as anything from a sci-fi film, with a full-width bar on the nose that serves as the daytime running light, while oval "stadium lights" house the actual LED headlights. With no need for a traditional grille, the truck's face is unusually flat and plain.
The Rivian
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THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA city of Paradise is gone—the Camp Fire, by far the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history, has reduced home after home to ashes.
Curiously, though, trees still stand between burned-out homes.
“If they're still there and they didn't burn and they're even green, then clearly those trees didn't contribute to the ignition of the houses,” says fire expert Jack Cohen, formerly of the US Forest Service.
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U.S. Postal system exposes data of 60 million users. TechCrunch
[The] US Postal Service API exposed from over 60 million users and allowed a researcher to pull millions of rows of data by sending wildcard requests to the server.
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"After you install this update, you may experience crashes in Microsoft Access or other applications. To resolve this issue, uninstall the update by following the instructions in the "More information" section.
This update is no longer available. "
Patch, patch, patch. Spackle, spackle, spackle. Crash, crash, crash.
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Something "hot" is under Antarctica.  Live Science:  
This melt isn't related to climate change, which causes intense melting at the fringes of the continent; it's an old, and separate, warm spot in the ice, insulated and kept far away from the atmosphere. Scientists were able to detect it thanks to a survey using specialized, ice-penetrating radar.
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Coming soon to the U.S.? Behavioral monitoring of every Chinese resident.  Technocracy:
Beijing announced an “action plan” this week for monitoring residents’ behavior, adding that the city expects to have its social credit system fully implemented by the end of 2020.
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ExtremeTechWheeled VR Shoes, from Google!
[W]hat you really want is the sensation of walking without actually going anyplace. 
Sure, why not?
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GeekA piano. Made entirely of LEGOS.
The only thing it can’t do is actually make music; you just have to imagine the sounds.
If the sounds have to be imagined, why do we need the piano?
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GizmodoWhen time-capsules outlast the Apocalypse.
Conventional time capsules are rubbish, as they can end up becoming decidedly soggy and ruined within decades. Any that do survive over the longer term are liable to get destroyed by the inexorable march of plate tectonics.
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Aren't you glad you didn't RSVP? 15 year ago - Invitations sent to beta test Win XP. BetaNews:
Microsoft is gearing up to release a beta version of Windows XP Service Pack 2. An e-mail sent out Thursday invited testers to install and evaluate the pre-release code when it becomes available within the next several weeks.
Patches already in the works.
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Because original ideas and screenplays are hardDisney remakes "The Lion King". Ubergizmo:
[Disney] released the first teaser for the remake of this classic which came out back in 1994. 
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MIT Tech Review:  Autonomous trucks will haul stone in a Norway mine.
Volvo has also been involved in autonomous-truck projects involving mining, sugarcane harvesting, and refuse collection.
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Only in France...for now - Tax officials to scour social media for tax-cheaters. TechDirt:
France’s tax administrators will start searching through social media accounts in early 2019, a pilot project in the fight against tax avoidance, Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin told weekly business TV show Capital. 

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