Sunday, October 7, 2018

World News Links

China very silent over missing Interpol Chief. Singapore Press:
..."China remained silent yesterday over the disappearance of the head of Interpol, deepening the mystery over the international police chief's fate [who] was last seen leaving for China late last month from the Interpol headquarters in Lyon, south-east France[.]"
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Final court appeal for Christian woman on death row; charged with insulting Muhammad. The Independent:
If her appeal fails the mother of five, from the rural village of Ittan Wali, Punjab, will become the first woman to be executed for blasphemy in Pakistan.
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The Weekend AustralianCongo tanker truck fire, at least 50 dead.
"The driver of the tanker truck has disappeared while the driver of the tractor trailer died at the scene," the ministry said.
Deadly traffic accidents are common in Congo, where roads and other infrastructure in the vast country are often poorly maintained.
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The Weekend AustralianTina Turner's kidney transplant.
Tina Turner has revealed she underwent a kidney transplant with an organ donated by her husband.

The 78-year-old singer says in an upcoming autobiography she has suffered from kidney disease and by 2016 her kidneys were at "20 per cent and plunging rapidly"
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The Daily Dot - Tesla inventors to Elon Musk: Nix the tweeting:
Perhaps most frightening of all, one Tesla staffer said the company was chaotic.
While Musk was mostly silent toward those asking him to stop tweeting, he did respond to one Twitter user who said it seemed like Musk was actually working against Tesla’s long-term investors.

“Hang in there,” Musk tweeted. “If you are truly long-term, it will be fine.”
Elon Musk tokin' on The Joe Rogan Show
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The author of these proposals is Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) [...] a set of new regulations for Silicon Valley that Democratic legislators may start pushing next year if they recapture Congress in November.
Tech has been, and will continue, outpacing law at breakneck speed. Politicians meddling in Tech is never good for Tech (or for law) and this is equal across Dems, Repubs and Others. Libertarians excluded, of course.
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You gotta fight...
For your right...
... ur, You gotta fight, for your right, to be a prostitute. BBC:
Husna Bai, a 24-year-old woman, told Judge Jagdish Sahai that she was a prostitute. Invoking the constitution, she had filed a petition challenging the validity of a new law to ban trafficking in human bodies.

By striking at her means of livelihood, Bai argued, the new law had "frustrated the purpose of the welfare state established by the Constitution in the country".
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Let's all get our favorite junk foods, sit down and read about it:  Can social media help people lose weight?  BBC
"I think the negative thing about being able to hide behind that anonymity is that people will say things on Reddit that they would never say to an actual person," [said Christy Brissette, a registered dietician in Chicago].
Whoaaaaa....right there. What's this about people on Reddit hiding behind anonymity? That can't be accurate, can it?
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Pundits on the right are crediting attorney Michael Avenatti with Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
Will the Libs turn on Avenatti? What if he is secretly working against them? Huh? Huh? Conspiracy Thread time?
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Movie: Metropolis

New Statesman: Nietzsche's descent into madness.
...he was often incapacitated, as he would continue to be throughout his life, by illnesses of various sorts.
... the onset of his madness is usually dated to 3 January 1889, when, seeing a cabman mercilessly beating his horse, a sobbing Nietzsche threw his arms around the horse’s neck and then collapsed.
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Sidney Morning Herald - "Party-bus" passengers being denied entry into bars:
...[the party bus passengers], "Usually they are pre-loaded, they have obviously been drinking at home and on the bus on the way in.  (Well, yeah - that IS the idea, isn't it? - DD).  We want an environment where locals and visitors can all enjoy a venue," [said Richard Adamson, Coordinator of the Newtown Liquor Accord].
 "So if you're coming on a party bus, you're probably going to be turned away," [he said].

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