Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Thou Shalt Not Clap (No applause, PLEASE!)

Next will be "sighing".

Sputnik News: Manchester U bans clapping:
The student union at Manchester University has banned clapping and replaced it with "jazz hands". The decision has been met with widespread derision on social media.
Jazz hands — waving both hands — is the British Sign Language (BSL) equivalent of clapping and has been introduced to ensure deaf and autistic people do not people left out.

But the decision has been greeted many on social media as a sign that political correctness has finally gone too far.
I was unaware that political correctness could ever "go too far."

I applaud "Thou Shalt Not Clap." But I do so only in the form of miming.

Did you hear me clap? No? Damn, I got this mime-thing down.

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