Friday, September 21, 2018

World News Links

Jet Airways loses cabin pressure, flight of horror. Hindustan Times:
...the cabin crew forgot to put on a key switch that maintains cabin pressure. Hathi and other passengers reported screams and cries of fear as the aircraft climbed, with the emergency oxygen masks eventually coming down.
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Kimmy Junior wants to meet with Trump again.  New Zealand Star:
A summary released by the Pyongyang Press Corps noted that Kim Jong Un wants the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit Pyongyang to hurry the denuclearization process, as part of which North Korea aims to set up another summit with Trump "as soon as possible."
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First PostRite Aid shooter had no one targeted.
"She didn't have a particular target. She was just shooting. She didn't aim. She just shot,"  [said Krystal Watson].
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Winemaker jailed; didn't tell cops about friend's cannabis crop. SMH:
Griffith winemaker Marcello Casella has been jailed for at least six months for failing to tell police about a large cannabis crop grown by a long-time friend.

Casella, 58, pleaded guilty in June to concealing a serious indictable offence after he failed to tell police about the crop of 2750 cannabis plants grown on a farm at Crowther in south-western NSW in late 2013 and early 2014.

He didn't rat on his friend. It's nice to know that honor still sometimes upheld. :)
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Mummified penguin chicks discovered in Antarctica. Australian Broadcast Corp: 
Scientists said the discovery holds clues to two massive weather-related calamities that wiped out large numbers of birds, one about 200 years ago and one around 750 years ago.
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i NewsPassing Heavy Metal and Mosh-pit etiquette on to the next generation.
Rules include immediately picking up people who had fallen over at a gig and' anyone who is hurt being taken to the bar by the person responsible.
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Ireland vexes the UK and EU in Brexit. Deutsche Welle: appeared that the UK and the EU were no closer to solving the most intractable issues at hand: how to avoid imposing a harder border on the island of Ireland and how to handle future trade.
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Hmmmmmm...Iran removes import limit on gold and foreign currencies. Mehr News:
The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has eased currency rules and ordered the customs to allow merchants to bring foreign currency banknotes or gold into the country in a bid to curb further depreciation of the rial.
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Today's Public Transit Police Departments offer a frightening glimpse into the future of commuter surveillance.
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France24: Brazil's eccentric presidential candidate Cabo Daciolo says God wants him to win.
Cabo Daciolo, who calls himself a messenger from heaven, says he wants to expel Satan from Congress[.]
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The No ChillKanye West is a clone.
Current Kanye is an Illuminati Clone
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Burger King vs a colonial burial ground.  The Day
About 40 opponents of a proposed Burger King gathered Thursday evening in the historic colonial burying ground to hear historic preservation advocates express concerns that the project could impact the cemetery and that early burials could exist on the other side of the 19th century stone wall that divides the properties.

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