Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Flamethrower Salmon. Image: Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Warning: This story will make you hungry. The Flamethrower Diet. Digital Trends:
[T]he Flamethrower Diet is the hottest new nutrition trend from Silicon Valley. Rather than forcing you to cut carbs or count calories, this diet gives you the freedom and flexibility to eat whatever you want, whenever you want — as long as it can be cooked with The Boring Company’s new Not-A-Flamethrower.
Almost immediately, the benefits of cooking via flamethrower became apparent to me. The time savings alone make this diet worth a try. My toast was finished in seconds[.] (Ya know, I do get impatient for my toast. Really, I do. - D.D.)
I flame-blasted the salmon on a alder plank in an effort to impart the fish with some woody smoke flavors, and also to keep from scorching the pavement in my driveway too much.
Phil, Zack, Mike, Irish, Ex-Tex, Woodsterman, Bunkerville...anyone? Let me know if you try this method for grilling and how it turns out
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TechNews World: Andriod Apps Riskier than ever.
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In other words, it's just a matter of time until multiple, future "patches" are issued? MS Managed Desktop turns device management to Windows. ZD Net:
Via MMD, Microsoft will provide business users with the option of having Microsoft manage their Windows 10 PCs. This means Microsoft will provide users with pre-configured Windows 10 PC hardware; ongoing Windows 10 feature updates, as well as security updates and other fixes; and overall management of those devices for a single, per-user monthly subscription fee., yeah, it's a matter of time until multiple, future and other fixes  "patches" are issued.
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TechCrunch"An Intel drone fell on my head..." ...and now I can't get up?
After the crash, I assumed someone from Audi or Intel would be around to collect the lost drone, but no one did, and at the end of the show, I was unable to find someone who knew where I could find the Intel staff. I notified my Intel contacts first thing the following morning and provided a local address where they could get the drone. As of publication, the drone is still on my desk.
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BGRSamsung's foldable phone unlikely to have Gorilla Glass.

Image from BGR
...we still don’t have a firm idea of when Samsung’s foldable so-called Galaxy F smartphone will finally arrive — whether it will land in November or at some point after that. And now here comes a new rumor about the materials Samsung will use for the handset. Apparently, Gorilla Glass won’t be part of it.
Dear Lord, how will the ardent technophiles survive without Gorilla Glass?
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TechNewsWorld: Google "Death-Watch" begins in EU?
The European Union has been stretching its wings. In the shadow of Brexit, it apparently has decided it has the real enemy of the people in its sights: social media companies and Google.

France is even more aggressive than the EU overall, suggesting that the region's "right to be forgotten" law should apply worldwide.
Who knew I'd one day agree with the EU and France. The exception(s) that prove the rule.
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Neutron Star with Unprecedented Glow is important, say astronomers. Gizmodo:
...scientists have spotted one of these ultra-dense objects emitting infrared radiation far brighter than they’d expect, over a seemingly wide swath of space—larger than our Solar System. They have several ideas as to what they’re looking at, and any of these ideas, if verified, would be important discoveries.
Maybe it's the star's glow of pregnancy? Or, more likely, a holographic Illuminati Plot.
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Digital Spy: Actor Nicolas Cage unhappy about Cage Rage Meme. Pfffft - Champagne problems...
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Images of Google Home Voyeur Home Hub leaked.  ArsTechnica:
The device has a 7-inch touchscreen and basically looks like a 16:9 tablet mounted to Google Home Max.
It's another Big Brother device (Alexa, etc) in your home. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if Teh Google intentionally "leaked" the images. This is The Non-Story Tech Story of the Year. So far, anyway.
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If you use CCleaner, you probably want to read this. CCleaner updating itself against users' wishes.  Beta News
According to a growing number of users, and posts on the Piriform Community Forums, CCleaner has been updating itself to the latest version, even if users have turned off updates.
I dunno, this seems weird. Something more is going on, here, although I don't know what or why. Beta News asks,
Do you still use CCleaner, or have you had enough of all of these problems? What do you use instead?
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Got a scratched CD or DVD that won't play right or skips or stalls?  Digital Trends has some advice to try repairing it.

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