Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump, Flynn and Sad Lindsey Graham

Sad Lindsey Graham

It's a tie to see which "Republican" attacks President Donald Trump, and Lindsey Graham is tied with fellow "Republican" Sad John McCain. 

Lindsey asks, did Michael Flynn go rogue? 

Sad Lindsey has been anti-Trump since July, 2015. 

Time to drop the "R" and put a "D" up behind your name, Lindsey.

General Flynn may have unintentionally not mentioned it, meant to but forgot, or something else.

I guess one has to forget 26 TIMES before the issue becomes irrelevant?  

She (Hillary) DIDN'T KNOW OR REMEMBER IF SHE SPOKE with the late Ambassador Chris Stevens.

How do you not know if you remember if you spoke to someone who, 10, 12, 13 hours later dies in a terrorist attack?  How do you NOT REMEMBER THAT?

Why does it matter what Trump knew and when he knew it?  Could it possibly be that he wanted to have complete information on all the various sides of this issue before making a decision?  Is that that hard to believe?

This would be a Top Ten No Story Here if this happened to a Democrat president and one of their appointees.

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