Friday, February 24, 2017

Keystone Pipeline Environmentalists Leave Filthy Mess in North Dakota

Environmentalist (Cambridge Dictionary): 
a person who is interested in or studies the environment and who tries to protect it from being damaged by human activities.
Pictures tell the story of the filthy pigsty left behind by the Keystone Pipeline protesters.

Environmentalists?  Hardly. The mess they created was left to others to clean up. Typical, so damn typical of the Earth kissers, lovers, humpers.

Just ONE of many dump trucks of garbage created by Environmentalists.

Do you have any idea of the miles and miles upon miles of pipelines under bodies of water? Do you know how many of those have caused a major environmental disaster? Well, I'll leave you to search that on your own. If you find an answer to the second question, let me know...because I couldn't find one.

Filthy mess. Image credit: ND Joint Information Ctr/EPA.

A fine for all financial expenditures by local, state and federal government (police, etc) and all costs related to clean-up should be assessed upon each and every protester.

Environmentalists really don't care about the environment. If they did, they'd clean up their own human activities that litter the earth with their filthy messes.

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