Friday, February 17, 2017

Chuck Toad and Jack Tapper Unhinged!

Baby Democrats...that's the Left Fringe...are unhinged.  President Donald Trump's press conference on Thursday left no question of where the press ranks with him.

CNN describes Trump as "combative."

ABC's Jake Tapper

ABC's Jake Tapper said "[Trump] said the leaks were real, but the news is fake, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever."

Actually it makes perfect sense.

The leaks are real.  Whether the leaks are passed on to media verbally, or in some form of writing, or whatever the form of the communication - the leaks are occurring.

It is the CONTENT of the leaks of which are fake.

Or fiction. (Leaked by leftover Obama employees).

Or Left Wing Media Propaganda.

Or, simply put, the content of the leaks: Disinformation.

Or, maybe the president is doing all of this as part of a head-fake to psyche-out the press. It wouldn't take much to do so.

NBC's Chuck Toad

Chuck Todd tweets the below ,which is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my entire life from someone with the "press:"

"...delegitimizing the press..."

The press has been delegitimizing themselves for decades, they just pretended it didn't exist, that no one noticed and that no one would ever tell them that.

My spell check doesn't recognize the word "delegitimizing" but a quick search on it defaults that it's derived form the word 'delegitimize' and, according to Merriam-Webster, it's etymology dates back to 1968.

"Take off your partisan hats..."?

To whom is Chuck Todd speaking?

Todd, as I learned in my journalism classes, the English language is one that is rich and full.  Full of one perfect word to describe virtually anything.

What should have been used is "Remove (your partisan hats...");  not "Take off."

It's sort of like the expression "all of a sudden." THAT'S the definition of "sudden." That it all ready is "all of a".

Did you learn nothing in your journalism classes, Chuck?

The Leftist Press disliked what President Trump told them.  Gee, that's incredibly unfortunate. Do you think they'll get over it?

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