Friday, February 23, 2024

100,000’s More Gun Safes Added to RECALL… Safes from MAJOR RETAILERS AFFECTED.

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The GBBL: ALERT: 100,000’s More Safes Added to RECALL… Safes from MAJOR RETAILERS AFFECTED.

What is going on with the gun safe bio-metric option? Something is either seriously flawed or is it being done deliberately? Why do I ask this? 1) I don't believe in coincidences. 2) If I did believe in coincidences, the number of instances of this happening with bio-metric options greatly exceeds what I would consider or define as a "coincidence." 

This isn't part of The GBBL story, it's me: If you bought and have to return one of these safes, may I suggest wiping it down entirely, inside and out, so that traces of your print(s) aren't available. After the wipe-down, from that point on, handle the safe entirely wearing gloves. Touch nothing, not the receipt, not the "return" papers, not the pen -  nothing - without wearing gloves. You can removed them once you've left the store and don't dispose of them anywhere but from home, preferably shredding them.

The least problematic option, imho, the manual dial of any safe:


Anonymous said...

I have never liked the biometric safes. Reading a unique fingerprint is a slow and electronically costly process. The idea that you can plop your finger on your biometric print scanner and whoosh! it pops open is not realistic. So how does the safe designer give that quick access? It is done by widening the acceptable errors in differentiating prints, the owner's from all others. That won't happen in the moments of stress when the gun access needs to be right now.
In widening the acceptable error limits, the fingerprints of others can easily be mistaken for the owner.
When my kids were small, I bought a small pistol safe that required several combinations of simultaneous key presses. Is it theoretically possible that a child could stumble onto the right combination of simultaneous key presses? Yes, but so is his typing out a Shakespearean sonnet by banging on a typewriter.

Drake's Place said...

Anon , I'm not a fan of the bio-metric option either, not that I have one.

If children are around, the dial-key press combo as you describe or key-lock or key-lock+dial is more than sufficient. That, and I think children need to learn about gun use and gun safety like many of did in our youth.

My big question is why is this bio-metric recall happening? Will we ever really know?