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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Food delivery and pickup apps bring disappearing dining rooms.

A Chopt Salad opened in New York on Tuesday without tables or cash registers.
Customers can order and prepay online with the option for delivery or pickup.
Chick-fil-A Inc has similar sites in Nashville and Louisville.
More restaurants are turning to these so-called dark, virtual or ghost kitchens.

Restaurants are doing away with dining rooms as consumers increasingly order food deliveries through apps such as Uber Technologies Inc's Uber Eats and GrubHub Inc.

The newest Chopt Creative Salad Co location, which opened Tuesday in New York, is unlike any of the chain's other 61 sites. It has no cash registers or tables for customers.
Off-premise digital orders are a major growth area for fast-food and fast-casual chains. More are turning to these so-called dark, virtual or ghost kitchens, which can also save labor and real estate costs.
The remnants of SodoSopa.

Well...there's always CtPa Town.


molson said...

What;s next? Gas station Chinese food aka meow mix?

David Drake said...

Molson, Gas station sushi :D
We'll see more downsizing of restaurant dining areas in the future, and that includes more than just the fast food places. Mid-and upscale places are going to see less and less sit-down customers. Social isolationism is growing.

Try the South park episdoes if ya havent seen them. Sodosopa is a riot.