Saturday, January 12, 2019

With a Headline like NPR used, EVERYONE knows what to expect from me.

NPR: Massive Fatberg Blocking Sewer.
A giant obstruction made up of hardened fat, oil, wet wipes and other waste items – called a fatberg — has been found in the sewer of a seaside town in England.
NPR "Preview" Ad:

What readers who visit here expect from me:

I strive to please those that visit. Thank you to all!


"Zack" said...

Oh man, you had me LOL so much that I had to Heimlich the nicotine lozenge out of my throat.

David Drake said...

Thanks, Zack. Geez, sorry about the lozenge :)
Always great to hear from ya!

Bunkerville said...

Only NPR!

David Drake said...

NPR: Taxpayer subsidized news available for satire and parody. Where would we be without them, Bunk?

Thanks for dropping in!