Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dark Over Lord Hackers release more 9/11 documents.

As part of the recent hack relating to Germany, a second drop of info was released regarding September 11. RT:
The Dark Overlord hacker group has released decryption keys for a second batch of 9/11 documents, totalling [sic] over 7,500 files. Additional document leaks containing “more secrets” and “more truth” have been promised, for a price.
...the documents build up a picture of insurance litigators brainstorming to see who they could sue for damages in the wake of the attacks. In emails, the lawyers discuss targeting the airlines, airplane manufacturers, the Federal Aviation Authority, the terrorists themselves, and foreign entities.
Along the way, the litigators discuss whether then-President George W. Bush had advance knowledge of the attacks, or whether the Saudi Royal family was responsible, but this discussion is speculative and no damning new information is revealed.

While the encryption key for the first batch of documents has been scrubbed from Reddit, Pastebin and Twitter, it remained available for several days on Steemit. Dark Overlord’s account was banned from the platform on Wednesday, however, but the documents can be accessed on, a website that runs on the same blockchain as Steemit.
CyberscoopDark Over Lord was seeking new hires.
“Do YOU want to get Rich? Come work for us!,” The Dark Overlord wrote in a Nov. 14, 2018, thread on KickAss Forum, a cybercriminal marketplace on the dark web that charges for entry.
See. The economy under President Trump is even good for hiring, hacking and extortion!

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